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Error installing AppUp Client

Hi. I've been setting up a Meego system for testing but so far, I've been unable to successfully install the AppUp client. I downloaded the Meego version for netbooks. However when I enter rpm -i, I get the following error message: error: Failed dependencies: meego-release >= 1.1 is needed by is needed by is needed by

Problem Downloading Meego SDK :(

I have tried a multiple times to install the SDK by downloading the MeeGo SDK 1.2 for Windows. When I am running the downloaded file, the file is downloading some tools. And the download is getting failed after a couple of hours. Please provide me a download link to all the tools and complet SDK, so that I can download them by using my download manager software. Please help.

Error -13 when trying to download app from MeeGo store

Hello, when I try to download my published free MeeGo app "Energy Costs Calculator for MeeGo" from the AppUp store, I always get this error message: "We could not complete your request. An internal Intel AppUp center error was detected. Error Code: -13" I'm using the current Netbook 1.2 MeeGo image. Any ideas about that? Can someone verify if it works on another system? Best regards Andreas

AppUp SDK 1.0 for MeeGo launches (previously beta)

This AppUp SDK for MeeGo replaces the previous beta SDK. There are no significant features or capabilities in the SDK to report, however it is recommend all MeeGo developers use this SDK moving forward Developer Actions • It is recommended to use the 1.0 SDK for MeeGo for new submissions of MeeGo apps Related docs • API Docs:

NEW - AppUp Plug-in for Qt Creator

The Intel AppUpTM SDK Plug-in 1.0 for Qt Creator* software provides a set of tools and instructions for Qt Creator IDE for MeeGo development, allowing the developer to stay within the IDE to do many tasks without having to go to the AppUp developer website. This plug-in puts MeeGo development tools in line with features and support of other program supported IDEs like Visual Studio and Eclipse. This IDE plug-in allows developers to do the following, directly from Qt Creator. • Create new Qt GUI or MeeGo Touch Framework applications for AppUp

Update - Missing libGlu in 1.2 MeeGo causing apps not to launch or fail AppUp validation

Note this post was updated on 7/19/11



The libGlu library previously available in MeeGo 1.1 is not part of the MeeGo 1.2 distribution, therefore apps built targeting MeeGo 1.1 may have an issue launching on MeeGo 1.2.  We have added this to AppUp validation which may affect apps currently in the store or being validated.  Apps submitted using the Intel AppUp Encapsulator tool are also affected by this.



Can't connect to X server

I'm working on a MeeGo app in a Windows 7 environment using the Tablet Qemu. I was happily debugging my app until I started getting this: Debugging starts No protocol specified xhost: unable to open display ":0" Process /usr/local/bin/Kaleidoscope created; pid = 360 Listening on port 13219 Remote debugging from host No protocol specified Kaleidoscope: cannot connect to X server :0 Child exited with status 1 Any ideas on what happened/how to fix are greatly appreciated.

Why not install apps on MeeGo?

Greetings to all I have installed on MeeGo1.2 AppUp'm trying to install Darwinia Demo Meego and download bar appears but then goes Installing but then leaves the button that says 'Download'. I install and TweeMee Glow and left button 'Launch' I'm trying to upload a photo to give you an example, but not let me upload. I'm sorry PD: No matter what the problem I still like meego & AppUp.The AppUp I'm glad you have done to Meego. Thanks.
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