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Clarification needed in Meego Netbook application development in Windows

Hi All, I have planned to submit one application for Meego Netbooks.I have some clarification needed to continue my further developer.Following are my plan.Please correct me if i am wrong. 1)I have installed the Meego SDK 1.2 in my windows xp (Core 2 Duo) according to the 2)No i think i can develop my application using Qt creator and Qt apis. 3)I have registered my application name in my Dash Board of IntelApp site(i got the GUI)

Installing package failed

Hi All, I have configured Meego SDk in my windows Xp by following the below link and i have setup the sdk for Meego Netbooks. I have added the Meego device configuration as Meego Emulator.Its test result shows its working fine. But wheni create a new Meego project File->New Qt C++ Projects->Qt Gui Project->Meego Netbook target... after running i am getting the following error "Installing package failed The following are the Comile output log from Qt creator"

Help needed-Meego SDK Installation

Hi All, I have followed the link for installing the Meego SDK using the following link. and I have configure it for Meego netbooks. I am getting the following message when i test the Meego device Cofiguration for Meego Emulator("Meego Emulator",password,SSH-localhost,FreePort-13219,14168,root,username:password:meego) " Could not connect to host: Connection refused Did you start Qemu? " I have already started the qemu from the command prompt as administrator. using the command below

FAQ for ExoPC with MeeGo

Frequently Asked Questions Intel® Software Development Platform (Intel® SDP) TBPT1 Family Codenamed Pinetrail ExoPC* Tablet For MeeGo* Application Development Associated Code Names: Platform: Tablet Platform Code Name: Pinetrail CPU/Chipset Code Name: Intel® Atom™ N450 Processor codenamed Pineview-M Board Code Name: ExoPC Tablet Product Code: TBPT1SXOR Q1: Support for MeeGo* and MeeGo Hardware issues related to the Intel® AppUpSM Developer Program? Q2: Hardware Support Email Address for TBPT1SXOR SDP Q3: Tools Link for SDK, Compiler, VTune* and AppUp tools, and latest MeeGo images

Meego Project starting guide line?

Hi All, I am a newbie in Meego platform. But i have Qt experience for symbian.No i am planning to put one app for Intel AppUp store in Meego. First of all i am lil confused with the compliance things and all. I have the following undertanding ,please correct me if i am wrong. 1)I have to get an register IntelApp and have to download the sdk for Meego. 2)then i can start developement on Qt for Meego. 3)After developement i need to submit the app to Intel AppUp, For that i rquire to download Intel AppUp[SM] SDK. please clarify

Shortcut in RPM didn't lanuch my application.

Hi! My application is developed in QtCreator in windows, with target meego tablet 1.2. It works on my testing device if I run it in a terminal. But it can't be lanuch with shortcut. After check the content of the shortcut, It seems point to /opt/usr/bin/myapp But the execution of myapp is under /usr/local/bin The shortcut is auto created with the PRM which auto-built in QtCreator. I am not sure where I should change to make the shortcut works. Thanks a lot for comments! PS. I also integrate my application with AppUp sdk, does this matter? BR, Stone.

Encapsulator doesn't load JS files located in subdirectories

I packaged an application as a MeeGo RPM, but on installing it doesn't start correctly. The HTML page loads, but the JS files which draw the UI don't. Could you please provide some information on how the encapsulator packs the JS/CSS/image files into the application binary? Presumably using Qt resource paths? (I'm guessing here.) And are multiple folder levels supported? If JS loaders which use HTTP requests (like LAB.js) are unsupported (this is my guess as to why my app doesn't work), would it be possible to add support for them or provide an alternative?

How to Integrate Meego application with the Intel AppUp(TM) SDK on Linux ?

I developed the Meego application using Qt creator on Linux os. Now i want to submit this application on Intel Appup Center (for Tablet,Netbook). How can i integrate Intel AppUp SDK for GUID authentication ???? Is it necessary to Integrate before submitting the application on Intel AppUp center ??????
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