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Repeat sound make app crashes

Hello people,

I'm making an app with HTML5 and I've a problem when I try to play sound. The app crashes when I trying to repeat the same sound.

The encapsulator 2.0 can play the same sound multiple times?

The first code I've used it this:

 when load object

  •  var sound = new Audio();
  •  sound.src = "my audio file .wav "

 when hit the object

  •  sound.currentTime = 0;

But doesn't work, only play the sound 1 time.

Touch and Gestures for Web Apps

Is there a way to create web apps with the Encapsulator that can use the touch and gestures (zoom, pan, pinch)? My web browser app works well with the IE 10 gestures, but when I create an Appup with the Encapsulator, those don't seem to work.
Is there something I can do in Javascript ?

Can there be TRUE FULLSCREEN in the Encapsulator? the API for fullscreen just maximizes the window.

thanks in advance,

msvcp100.dll and others are not packaged with the Encapsulator.

I just installed Windows 8 Release and the msvcp* dlls are not there, and are not packaged with the Encapsulator. So the App does not work on my UltraBook. I could install them myself, but what would the regular users do who would buy this in the store? install the VC 2010? that can't be!

http://_app url and redirection

Hi all, I'm able to use in the encapsulated app url like http://__app/index.html to reference local page. I need to load a page from a website, and then forward back the use with an HTTP REDIRECT to local resource, I tried to redirect to http://__app/index.html but the encapsulator debugger say me Error -105 when loading url "http://__app/index.html" . How in can bring the user back to local html file? Thanks a lot Michele


Hi all, I'm playing with the encapsulator 2 and the debugger. In my HTML5 app I query my server for giving something usefull to the user, but with the encapsulator 2.0 is no more possible. I had read this interesting article And I had enable cors support on my webserver (double checked the header) but the apps still not work when encapsulated. Any hint? Thanks a lot Michele
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