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Wrong result status of XMLHttpRequest

Hello, in a HTML5 app I'm doing a XMLHttpRequest like this: var req = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", "data/text.json", FALSE); req.send(null); if (req.status !== 200) // display error else // proceed This works perfectly in all normal browsers. But in the encapsulated app running on Windows I always get the error message displayed and while debugging with the "inspect" functionality I found the core of the problem:

Encapsulator for Android?

Hi, Recently I created and published several web apps using the encapsulator to AppUp for MeeGo netbooks. I am very happy with the results and I was amazed how easy I can create an app using the encapsulator. I am interested in Android and I believe a lot of other AppUp publishers are. I saw that there are already numerous articles about Android on Intel's web site: I am wondering do you consider provide automated encapsulator for Android too?

App crashes on clicking submit button on

I am making an app that is having with a websites. You can test it yourself, make an html file that redirects to this site--- and covert it into a windows app using the encapsulator. Run the app and fill the required feild in the website that is opened and click the submit button and suddenly the app will crash. I have tried again and again but I am not able to remove this problem. Please help.

Audio not working through flash through iframe

After jumping through many hoops we've decided to use soundmanager2 for our otherwise html5 game and run it through an iframe and have the game run on our server. We've gotten the game to start and play but there's still no sound. It works in every other platform though, just not appup. Odd thing is, it shouldn't even start if soundmanager doesn't start. Is there anyone out there that can enlighten us as to why the sound won't play? We have soundmanager running with flash 9, is that okay in appup?

File Extensions not supported in Encapsulator

Hello, The Encapsulator does not currently support Microsoft Office 2007 extensions (docx, xlsx, pptx) or PDF files that have been uploaded through our service. Attempts to access prior versions of Office products (doc, xls, ppt) and .AVI media files work fine and will prompt the user to download the file to a location of their choice on their local computer. Attempts to access/view PDF files or any audio files display a blank page. Does the Encapsulator currently support Office 2007 extensions (docx, xlsx, pptx), and are there plans to support PDF files and audio files?

part of my Encapsulated app doesn't work, any way to see Dev console or debug?

I'm new to Encapsulator and can't find any docs which can tell me what to do if my converted app simply doesn't work... Actually my app is working and looking as I designed it, but there is something missing in it. I have webworker script which started by button push. And then I push that button in encapsulated app - nothing happens. It worked in Chrome (with --allow-file-access-from-files switch). So what can I do to see the logs or something?
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