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Intel(R) HTML5 Development Environment Instructions

Hello HTML5 Developers:

We have completed the transition from the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta (“Beta Site”) to the new App Dev Center website where you can find the Intel® XDK and other newly acquired HTML5 development tools. The Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta site has been closed, effective on March 31, 2013.

General HTML/CSS

Hi all,

I was wondering if Intel has online documentation for developers who are making Intel-branded web apps. In particular, I would like to know specific styling guidelines for Intel web apps (such as fonts/colors to use) and resources for Intel approved icons and logos.



Getting "verify your build assets are correct and try again" when trying to build for Android/Crosswalk in XDK.

Using Construct 2 to make the game.  I saw in another thread that someone was told to use only lowercase in the app name.  I did so, but still run into the problem.  This is an app that I have built in XDK multiple times before with no problem.  Suddenly, with the current XDK ver, as well as with 1826, I get the build failed error mentioned in the thread subject.  Any help would be appreciated and I can post whatever further info you need.

Problem with app for windows 8

Hi  we are using 1878 intel xdk version.
The project build settings are:
Project type: Standard html5
Build settings for windows 8:
App ID : 3866ECE8.Floora
App Name: Floora
Author: STEEMA S.R.L.
App Version: 1.2 
Cordova CLI Version: 4.1.2 
All the Launch icons and splash screens are specified in the build settings and present in the project images folder.

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