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Intel(R) HTML5 Development Environment Instructions

Hello HTML5 Developers:

We have completed the transition from the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta (“Beta Site”) to the new App Dev Center website where you can find the Intel® XDK and other newly acquired HTML5 development tools. The Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta site has been closed, effective on March 31, 2013.

About Intel® XDK - Release - 2015 June 29 v2170

Hi All,


I just updated to Intel® XDK - Release - 2015 June 29 v2170. You guys rock. Very developer friendly things like intellisense improvements, code blocks outlining with expand/collapse. It is coming closer to visual studio, the one which I loved it for using for programming. 

I am really thankfull to you guys.


Image gallery fatal error problem solution


      When added to the image gallery, you need to make changes in the CSS file so that you get the fatal error warning. galleria / galleria.classic.css .galleri-stage section height: 100% width: 100% or just add a constant value. But when you add each image gallery into index.html file that CSS style code or reset solved the problem if you write another CSS file.

XDK Built Game is asking for Persmissions for things not added in the project!


I have built my Construct 2 game using latest XDK, it consist of IAP, Cordova Admob and Cordova Chartboost, Google Game plugins.

When I try to install the game to my Android device, it is asking for permission for a long list of things that I never added to my projects!

Few examples are Calender(!?), Voice Recognition, Photo /Media and more.. Attached are the screenshot from my mobile and XDK project to show the plugin screen .

General HTML/CSS

Hi all,

I was wondering if Intel has online documentation for developers who are making Intel-branded web apps. In particular, I would like to know specific styling guidelines for Intel web apps (such as fonts/colors to use) and resources for Intel approved icons and logos.



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