Intel AppUp® developer program Million Dollar Development Fund (Archived)

Atom Developer Program Accelerator 2010 (porting)

So here is my case: Now I have an iPhone game which i want to port to the ATOM . I want to apply for the funding. However, my concern is : Is there any clause so that ..i won't be able to withdraw once the funding is granted (but not transferred to my acc.) ? like...if i withdraw, i would have to pay a compensation fee?

Promo Code Expiry

Hi, One of my ISV's apps have been selected for Fast Track 2010 for $500. ISV has applied for the physical card and would like to know is their any Expiry date for this Card? and as well can they make purchases in India using the card? Please clarify at the earliest. Regards, Praveen

China ISV cannot register on vpcode to redeem $500 gift card

Hi There, We have an ISV received email said that: As conveyed earlier, Your application has been selected for ‘Fast Track 2010’ under the Intel Atom Developer Program Million Dollar Development Fund and we are getting ready to send your $500 gift card. In the following 2-3 days, you will receive a unique redemption code to take to this website to redeem:

Question -- This chipset US15W is will support by devicedriver on WINCE .SAY Y R N.

Hi., This is saravanan ,Currently now i am working on driver project... I Need a solution .. In this Intel Atom & Interface with chipset US15W is a support by a device driver on WINCE .?..will THIS work ?....I need ans with in a day , yes or no?....

Validation and contest

Hi, I have submitted two apps for the contests (Fast Track and Dollars for Downloads). However, both apps are rejected since 19th April (for not very clear reason). I have tried to contact the validation team via email and PM, but still no reply. So, I would like to ask, if these apps will be still eligible for the contests, or no, I look forward to the reply, thanks

can I participate (student, no company, free application)?

Hello! I'm a student (from Romania) and I want to submit an application I've made, in order to join the contest (Developer Program Million Dolar Development Fund). I do not own any organisation and I'm not part of any (or any company). Therefore, I get the following message at my Dashboard: 'You Don't have any organizations, to add one please click on Add Organizations button'. So, what should I write to 'Organization Legal Name' field?

Information Request: Selection Criteria

What will be the selection criteria for the following contests? 1) Fast Track 2010 [first 250 apps] 2) Dollar For Downloads [first 100 apps] How will the winning apps be selected? Will it be sufficient for the apps to pass validation? Or will the apps require to have something 'special' catering to the Netbook platform inorder to get selected? [In addition to being validated ofcourse] I tried searching and reading through the contest information pages but didn't find any specific answers. Please let me know.
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