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Rule Violation of the Best Media Magnate Contest

At first, I have nothing personal against the winner of the recent contest, Rob Jagnow, and nothing against the winning game, "Cogs GO". But there is a clear statement in the contest rules, which are available here: The statement is: ********

Contest entry has been submitted but not appearing on contest website?

Hello, I have submitted my Applicayion entry on 27 Dec on contest website With a messege "once it is Approved will be displayed on Contest Web site" but still i am waiting for my Application entry to be Appear on Contest Web site As my application already published i am concerned whether the Application would be included in contest or not because the time is almost up so how long will it take to be approved for contest entry, When i check the status of my Application on contest web site it is Displaying "UNPUBLISHED" What does it mean, pls clarify. Thanks.

Winning Abstracts for Home Innovation Project- an App for Dixons

Hello everyone! Just wanted to update you on the abstracts that have been selected to move on to Phase 2 of the Home Innovation Project for Dixons. Each developer will fully develop and submit their application by January 19, 2011 by 3:00 PST and the first prize winner of $15,000 USD cash and the five runners-up will be announced on February 14th at Mobile World Congress. To check out the full abstracts please see the following link Congratulations to the following abstracts and thanks to all who participated!

Regarding challenge categories...

I noticed the winner of the Best Life Improvement app category had not entered the contest in that category but instead chose "Other" for their entry. Does this mean if we choose "other" as the category for our entries they are eligible to win in all categories? This is a bit confusing to me, why even have us select a category for our entries if that's the case? Choosing a specific category would seem to apparently limit your chance of winning while "Other" seems to be an entry for all categories?

When do entries show on the "All Entries" section of the web-site?

I was wondering when submitted Apps would show up on the "All Entries" section here : I have two entries, one is published the other is not (yet). Both of my entries are shown in "My Entries" as "Unpublished" (despite one being published now) and niether are visible in the "All Entries" section. I assume there is some kind of internal validation process?

Entry Acceptance Vs Due Dates and Validation

I have a question about how/when challenge entries are considered official. Does an entered application have to pass validation before the entry date or will it be considered a valid entry if it was submitted for validation before the entry date? The reason I ask, is I was recently ready to submit my application for validation and enter it into the challenge, when I ran into an upload bug in the submission forms. This bug caused me a three day delay in getting my application submitted for validation.
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