Simulating GPS Timeout/Delay doesn't seem to work as expected.

I have an app that has to capture GPS location data and also test from a cellular or Wifi Connection.

In my code I have a timeout of 5 seconds with HighAccuracy set to True.

I am trying to determine the result if no GPS signal is present by increasing the GPS delay to more than 5 seconds in the emulator, but I cannot get it to fail not to return a GPS location. If I simulate a timeout then that just throws an error that GPS is not enabled.

Question about use multiple frameworks in the sample application

Hi there,

I just have a question about use multiple framework in the application...

Let's suppose that in the index.html I have selected the Bootstrap framework, and I have another page like myPage.html that I'm using another framework like the App Framework for example...

I have tested this going from one page to another one and I have no problem with a small application, but I'm concern about to keep developing and later get some problem.

Any answer will be welcome!


Cordova plugin AdmobPro non compila con IOS

Salve, ho aggiunto della pubblicità nella mia app ionic multipiattaforma, ma quando vado a compilare per IOS la compilazione fallisce e va in errore, error 65 xcode..., mentre per Android funziona perfettamente e la pubblicità viene visualizzata sul dispositivo Android.

Mentre se utilizzo cordova plugin admob, compila per iOS e Android, ma la pubblicità non viene visualizzata su entrambe le piattaforme.

Quindi riassumendo il problema è che quando compilo per iOS con il plugin admobpro la compilazione va in errore.

Come posso risolvere????

Buonasera a tutti

Login screen does not open on Ubuntu 14.04


I cannot get to the login page after I open Intel XDK. There is a loading wheel that just spins forever until an error message comesup  with the error 'Attempt to contact authentication server is taking a long time. You can wait, or check your network connection and try again.'. My network connection is not modified in anyway, literally just a computer connected to a switch which is connected to a fibre-optic router. There are no proxy settings in the way.

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