Cordova plugin AdmobPro non compila con IOS

Salve, ho aggiunto della pubblicità nella mia app ionic multipiattaforma, ma quando vado a compilare per IOS la compilazione fallisce e va in errore, error 65 xcode..., mentre per Android funziona perfettamente e la pubblicità viene visualizzata sul dispositivo Android.

Mentre se utilizzo cordova plugin admob, compila per iOS e Android, ma la pubblicità non viene visualizzata su entrambe le piattaforme.

Quindi riassumendo il problema è che quando compilo per iOS con il plugin admobpro la compilazione va in errore.

Come posso risolvere????

Buonasera a tutti

Login screen does not open on Ubuntu 14.04


I cannot get to the login page after I open Intel XDK. There is a loading wheel that just spins forever until an error message comesup  with the error 'Attempt to contact authentication server is taking a long time. You can wait, or check your network connection and try again.'. My network connection is not modified in anyway, literally just a computer connected to a switch which is connected to a fibre-optic router. There are no proxy settings in the way.

Brackets is not showing the programing syntax error in version 2673

Hi there, I don't know why but after update the Intel XDK to 2673, the Brackets code editor is not showing the syntax errors such as when you forgot to put a " ; " at the end of code.

I would like to know if there is any way to enable / fix it to show the syntax programing errors again!


Clear Down local variables and webSQL databases

It would be useful to have the ability to clear down variables and local databases when using the emulator.

For example when you create a login process that stores that information in localStorage, it is difficult to retest the process once the data is stored in the Emulator without writing test procedures to clear this data.

On the device I can uninstall and reinstall but that a pain. It would be much better to be able to clear down those files to be able to retest procedures within the emulator.

Brackets file browser size limit

Hello everyone, 

I searched but could not put together the correct terms, or potentially this has not been asked. 

In XDK's brackets editor, the file browser/working files specifically I can not find a way to resize. It seems to be impossible to control the sizing of the two panels, often I have many working documents open and have no need to see the file browser but need to scroll the working files which is annoying. 

Can anyone offer a solution or +1 me to a feature request on making this resizable please?

Thanks for Everything. 

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