Intel XDk HTML5 file uploads to PHP server script

Good day,

I have spent many days learning and have progressed quite a bit but I am stilling missing the plot somewhere and would appreciate your guidance.

I have successfully build a number of pages that respectively can take pictures and I got a PHP server script running that receives the picture upload. One problem here is that the same image is uploaded every time and not the new picture taken.

I have further successfully got the geolocation feature working perfectly

Lastly I got the QR code reader working fine.

API to parse xml


What Web Service should I be using for an xml file so I can bind to a ListView.  I tried RSS Reader and selected the fields, connected to ListView but when testing it there's no data populating the ListView.  I followed the instructions in the video. "Using Services Datafeed in App Designer "

Thank you for your help.

Intel® XDK Documentation

The Intel® XDK provides a comprehensive cross-platform development environment for building hybrid HTML5 apps for mobile phone and tablet devices. HTML5 apps are not limited to smart web pages viewed in a browser - you can also package your HTML5 code and deploy it directly on a mobile device as a locally installed hybrid mobile app. This enables the use of the same distribution and monetization channels as for native mobile apps, in addition to the same app installation and launch experience.

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Listview Widget


I just started using Intel XDK and I'm using the Design view.  I selected the Listview template and I have 6 items already provided.  I need more ListItems and I can not find where you can add more.  

1. Can you do this in the GUI Design view or do you have to copy the code to produce more ListItems?

2. Can you use custom icons?  It appears the default is icon.png and it's the only choice.

Thank you for guidance.


Code working in Chrome but not in XDK

Good day!
I am trying to use this example (attatched) and got everything working fine up to a point. Using Intel XDK and Windows Server 2008 R2 with the .aspx server side code (attached) and got it working perfectly in the Chrome window of the Intel XDK. However, using the emulator or deploying to an actual Android device, does not work. Exactly the same code that works in Chrome does nothing on the device or emulator. No error message or anything.

google login

Hi everyone,

I'm developing an app that requires login via google. I followed the tutorial on this page (, but  was not able to configure all the parameters correctly. For example I do not understand which value must have parameter Auth_url, or the possible values of scope.

Can you help me?

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