Criar e exportar formulário como pdf / Create and export form as pdf


Gostaria de saber se existe a possibilidade de criar um formulário que receba os campos: data, funcionário, empresa, e também fotos e descrição para as fotos, gerando assim um relatório com os dados em pdf.

Já tentei fazer com php, mas não funciona... Existe alguma forma de gerar esse relatório, inclusive com as imagens?



I wonder if it is possible to create a form that receives the fields: date, employee, company, and also photos and description for the photos, generating a report with the data in PDF.

How device differentiate between 2 different applications

I have built 2 applications with intel XDK with different names and splash screens but i didn't edited any other details 
when i tried to download APKs on my mobile , the mobile considered the second application as an update to the first one 

so how could i make them different 2 applications ? what to edit in Intel XDK to make like that ? 


Password field provides only masked value after compilation

Hi guys, I experience a weird problem:

When I use an input field, I can get its value by e.g.




Now, when I declare an input field as type="password" instead of type="text", the input text will be masked (show "*******" instead of the actual password). No problem for the intel xdk emulator - it will give me the unmasked values.

BUT after I compile everything, I'm only getting the masked value ("****").


setRotateOrientation is not working with android

i have an orientation issue appears only with AppPreview on android, i've tried the recommended solution from here: ..but the issue still..!

issue description: (when i rotate my sumsung (note3/lollipop) to landscape and return rotation back to portrait, the height of the entire app will be deducted to upper half..! and the bottom half become white..! this issue appear with android not in iOS, maybe because the screen by default is locked..)

any suggestion?


Fill select on app initialize

In www/js/init-apps.js I have established communication with server and retrieved data needed to fill select. On page #mainpage I have a select I would like the options to be the retrieved data from server. How do I fill the options list on #mainpage select control from init-apps.js or do I need to put a button on #mainpage and fill from there? So far I have not come up with a way to do it from init-app.js this the way I would prefer to fill the select. That way when app shows select will be filled and all user has to do is make selection, enter username and password and login in.

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