Debug Tab Configuration and Setup

Your development environment and device(s) must meet the following requirements in order to use the Debug and Profile tabs:

  • Your Android device must be running version 4.0 or higher of the Android OS, USB debugging must be enabled (described below) and an Intel App Preview debug module must be installed. NOTE: the debug module may not install on some older Android 4.0 devices, due to a lack of support on those devices for the secure signing procedures used to build Android APK packages.

Object.observe, Crosswalk and the Intel XDK

After my recent blog on Object.observe(), I of course tried it out in the XDK. It worked fine in the emulator (after clearing up a few typos) so I created an app and installed it on my phone. There I didn’t have as much luck. It didn’t do anything. So I tried it in the debugger with my phone connected via usb to my laptop. It worked fine, so I knew it wasn’t a problem with the code.

Can't open existing Project with V2496

Hi, I updated to V2496 and now I cant open some projects. Before the Update I worked on one project which I can't open anymore.

XDK says that the project could't be found. And I should refresh the list or remove the item.

I have tried both options. When I removed it and tried to open it again (Projects -> open an intel xdk project) it pops up the error:

"Error opening project. Could not read (Path). TypeError: undefined is not a function.

Before the update everything worked fine.

PS I am working on Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.3

Unable To Add 3rd Party Plugin

The upgrade to 2496 broke my 3rd party plugin references and when I tried to update threw errors complaining about not being able to find the project's plugin file.

I recreated the project and have added core plugins without any problems.  But when I try to add Google's ZIP plugin I get an error that says "Unknown Error.  Unexpected call to process.exit()"

I am trying to add the plugin via Git repo with a Repo URL of  How can I reference this plugin?

Version 2486 fails to build debug module

Installed lastest version hoping for better plugin management. Cannot build a debug module.

Error: Build Failed.

I'm using all new cordova standard plugins having removed the intel versions but still will not build a debug module. 

Also I'm on a 10mbps upload connection and it still takes ages to upload the files, can see this process being very frustrating.

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