Error approving app on itunes


I got mail below:

What is wrong and how to fix this .... approve this app is mandatory to my job !!

Email :

Hello Marcos,

Thank you for contacting the App Store Review regarding your review for your app, Gestão BT - Carol Zebrine.

We have noticed that you have uploaded a new binary following your rejection. The details of your review are available in the Resolution Center only until you upload a new binary. A link to the Resolution Center is available at the top of the App Details page in iTunes Connect.

XDK Add Permissions manually

Hey Guys,

how can I add the android-permission "CAMERA" permanently to the permissions?

The Permissions are specified in the *.xdk, if i add something in the "Add Permission" Inputbox in XDK it appears in 

"addlPermissions_": "",  

In the *.xdk file. But nothing I enter there actually works. For example:  android.permission.CAMERA

What and how do i have to enter it, that the Permission is set? I think adding other plugins i don´t need with the permission is way too dirty.
Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

Binding Node Trojan not solved.

I download the Installer for Version 2893.  I use Zone Alarm and Zone Alarm is still detecting that Binding Node as a Trojan.

I had and have used Intel XDX without incident until now; and while using Zone Alarm Antivirus.  I was reading that downloading and installing the 2893  version would fix the problem.  It may have for Norton, but Zone Alarm is still flagging Binding Node as a Trojan.

Problem whit IPA when send Aplication Loader

Estimados amigos del foro. Estoy teniendo un inconveniente al enviar mi .ipa con Aplication Loader. Me devuelve el error que adjunto en la imagen y no se como poder solucionarlo, ya cambie algunas cosas y agregue todas las imágenes pero sigue produciendo la misma leyenda cuando intento enviar la app.

Agradecería mucho su pronta ayuda. Saludos.

(# SOLVED #) Issue: how to prevent screen to pull down on ios (iPhone). when you scroll the finger on touch screen

Hello everyone, I spend last entire day researching for a solution for this problem that I'm not sure even if it's possible to be solved!

All my application I have build in Intel and even the templates ones have the same issue, and I just realized this when I need to work with a Grid!

While I was testing my grid, I was scrolling the data on the grid with the finger, and then I realize that some times when reach the end of the grid data, the screen starts "scrolling" too (vertically)!

Build fails with same source


Tuesday, everthing worked well. I only made changes to some css files, but till yeasterday evening, build isn't possible.

I testet it with the same sources as I had from the last build on Tuesday, it's getting now the same error:


    [javac] Compiling 62 source files to .../storyspot/platforms/android/ant-build/classes

    [javac] .../storyspot/platforms/android/src/nl/xservices/plugins/ error: cannot find symbol

    [javac]               toast.getView().setElevation(6);

    [javac]                              ^

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