Using a Video Player plug- in


I want to use this plug- in in my project . But it seems to work only with full path of the video and not with for example "assets/videos/exampleVideo.mp4". It works perfectly when the video is from the internet though.

What is the full path to my www folder of the project? I mean what path should I use if I want to play this exampleVideo.mp4 in my assets folder.

Thank you.

Intel XDK iPad Target


 I originally asked this back in the old forums about 18 months ago, and again here in April - but as of now, it still seems impossible to target only the ipad (and not ipad + iphone) through the xdk. This is a limitation I feel wouldn't be too hard to add as an extra build feature, but it seems this just keeps getting pushed and pushed. Is this going to be available for the June release?

 This is a small but crucial feature - I hope this really is getting some attention. 

Photo Editor


Just to set expectations, I am new to app development.  I have some questions based around my idea for an app I want to develop that I am hoping someone can help answer.

I want to develop a photo editor.  Is it possible to do using the Intel XDK?  I like the idea of developing it in HTML 5 so it follows the code once for all methodology.

This does not have to be a very extensive photo editor as the main purpose of it is for color changes.

Listview does not display images in the phone.

Hello. I'm beginner with Intel XDK, and I'm going through some problems with my application, and would be grateful if anyone can help me. I have a function that consumes an api, and that gives me the values ​​in json format. I receive the values with no problem. ​​I add in a listview as the code below:

 $ .each (Data, function (i, post) {

              var item = "<span style = color: # 0174DF> <h3>" + postagem.TITULO + "</ h3> <h4>" + postagem.DESCRICAO + "</ h4> </ span>";

Gyroscope function?

I'm currently trying to learn how to use gyroscope aspect of iOS. I searched for accelerometer and such - but it seems to not work currently? I used this: - this is very recent and I haven't used it yet but is this deprecated or just not fully working yet? Because I searched through github for some samples and those are also failing in building too. 

Build very slow on any device.

I have made an app with lots of buttons we are talking maybe 80 buttons that lead to a page that loads an iframe each. The problem I'm having is that it takes about 10 seconds on any newer device for the app to start functioning properly, older or low resource phones won't even load the app goes to a black screen after the 10 seonds on newer devices works fast and good.. During those 10 seconds the app appears to be stuck. So my concern is that people will just close it thinking that it is not functional. Anything I can do to maybe preload or something?

Intel XDK Training?

Are there any good sources to learn how to use Intel XDK for a mainly visual designer? I have not found a good start to finish course that is any good, they are either to basic, or really code intense. I would love to find a good video course that gets into subjects like blog feeds, opening browser windows in the app, maybe even push content.

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