Acer ICONIA W510 测评


1.       概念新颖,设计前卫,同时满足平板和笔记本爱好者

2.       相比普通笔记本电脑,屏幕可以触控,甚至多点触控手势功能,操作方便。

Acer device control控制设备很方便。

3.       虽然显卡CPU一般,但是可以兼顾普通电脑游戏和平板电脑游戏。(既可以war3又可以愤怒的小鸟)

IDF2013 - Day 1

I am back in my hotel after the first day at IDF2013. I did not do any of the fun stuff today, but I did work... practiced my session content and in mid-afternoon delivered a session on and Intel platform features, it was a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone that attended. Tomorrow I am doing it again, this time two 2 hour labs back-to-back.

App Designer - Images


App Designer is drag-and drop tool for developing application user interfaces with rows and columns as the basic design structure. Various elements such as buttons, input fields, text areas, and even images can be dragged into a column that sits in a row. Initially, images are required to be stored in your project’s directory before being in available for use in your application.

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