Custom Plugin Invalid Message


I am having some hiccups with the new plugin system after updating to the latest XDK. I have successfully built with many custom plugins before including the one in the error below (which is actually only a plugin.xml file that I use to include things into into Info.plist, etc. that aren't possible with the intelxdk.additions.xml file.

However, as the project is being zipped to be uploaded, I get the rather vague error below:

Unable to build 

Intel XDK Push Notification - GCM

Hi, good?
recently I am on a project que I have to use notification in the application, researched and found a plugin called phonegap-plugin-push, I Contacted plugin developers, asked to contact the team at Intel and here we are, how can I use GCM Intel XDK?
I tried to use the plugin mentioned above, no success, must have management of reports, I have the logic to be implemented, I get the regid, write to a bench made that I can manage ...
Some help on the above problem, push + GCM. + + XDK intel cross

Download Button not always working!


in XDK 2611 i can not download the new Android(normal) build most of the times since the download button do not react. I am on xubuntu and I only have this problem with this button. Sometimes I have to rebuild 4 times but normally 2-3 times. It started 2-3 days ago and I have not upgraded for a time. 

Is it something I can do?


app framework, table and datepicker [SOLVED]


in my app, i'm trying to have a table cell where i can type a date or use a datepicker to fill the content.

i did use a plugin (editablegrid to be able to edit cells, i don't know if there are other ways to do, but that's the nicest thing i have found. It does work and the cell is having an input field when i click in, but no datepicker is displayed.

i did include jquery in script tag

i did include the editablegrid javascript too.

Edit caused loss of all HTML content from index.html

Can I post this as a warning but also a request for the Intel development guys to check this out.

I was editing the app.js file in XDK then clicked on DESIGN without first selecting the index.html file.

The designer refreshed as normal but then showed a blank white page and the select a framework dialog popped up. I reselected the app.js file which was still there and complete, selected the index.html file and again got the Select a Framework dialog again.

I then checked the index.html file in Finder only to see it as zero bytes and empty. I has lost my work.

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