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Android and Android Crosswalk Builds Crash during the startup

Hello everybody,

I have developed a mobile app with XDK, using KendoUI and AngularJS.

At the emulator as well as IOS devices my app works perfect. However, Android and Android Crosswalks builds crash often. This crash happens usually when the user opens the tool by clicking an incoming push notification. Alternatively, if the user has not opened the application for a long time (for instance after 8 hours) at the first call it crashes again. If the user restarts the application manually, usually it opens.

Intel XDK update: problems with sudo and root authentication

Hi, i'm using Intel XDK in Ubuntu Gnome 15, for some reason when i try the latest update of Intel XDK when it ask me for reload the IDE and then it gives me three options: install in my user folder, in /opt/intel/xdk using sudo and the last but using root account or sudo option the updater/installer tell me that my password are wrong but i'm sure is the right because i'm the root user, i have my intel XDK installed already in /opt/intel/xdk.

Thanks for any help.

How to connect MySQL database in Java ?

I am coding a module in java that need a database connection with MySQL. I heard about DriverManager but I think it is pretty old method for database connection. Is there any newer and efficient way of doing the same. This Java questions and answers forum comprises of large number of tech and coding expert, So I expect quick and satisfactory solution or full set of instruction/ code require for this.

Ajax fail on iOS

Hi everyone, i have a problem with iOS. My app work very well on Android but, when i try i build for iOS AdHoc everytime that i open the application an error message will shown. Http:// is the error, i specified in iOS' Whitelist that the app will have all permission to retrieve information of other site. Nothing, still doesn't working. Don't know how to do!


Thx for the reply,


Trying to force Landscape only mode.

Testing on a Nexus 7

I have set Orientation in the project build-settings to "Landscape"
Have added "device" to the plugins.
Have added intel.xdk.device.setRotateOrientation("landscape"); to my code.

This works to force the emulator to be in landscape.

But when I use debug on the Nexus 7 it loads in whatever orientation the tablet is being held.

How to deal with app too large to build

My app contains a large amount of video (roughly 5gb) and because of that the upload to the build server is failing. Its all working fine in the emulator, and its builds fine if I remove the video folder.

Is it possible to somehow build the app without the videos in, download the build and then add the videos back locally? I wanted to try this, but the unzipped build package  (for a windows build) is just a  .ps1 file, several  .psd1 and an .appx file. So there is nowhere obvious to put my video assets.

Any suggestions?


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