Launch installed Android app from link in Android/Cordova web app

I would like to open a native Android app from a link in the Android/Cordova web app I am trying to build.( Tabview template, converted to HTML5+Cordova, building only for Android)

The app is in the Google Play store (  I have a separate mobile web app that opens the native iOS app using the specified scheme ( href="abdigateaccess://WI").




Interactivity design section block

Hi at all... i need help

I create my project and assign at one button, with design interactivity section, an "custom user script" .

Xdk called index_user_scripts.js 

When in index_user_script i insert my code like to connect at indexed db sometimes when i return in design section 

the interactivity window in right corner go to blocked and reset state and i can't do nothing ..

why? Where i mistake?
Regards :)


Problems with listview on IOS

Hi all, first post. I´m working with XDK from several months and think it's great.


XDK Version 2807, my problems are, if the listview items exceed the screen size, don`t scroll to last items.

And items don't respond to clicks when are linked to show another page.

Only on IOs, testing it with App Preview or as a web app uploades to server and opening it with Safari on IPhone. Tested with App Framework 3 and Bootstrap.

Thanks, regards







The App Id must be composed of at least two sections separated by periods


When I created my iOS application I assign app Id stcathys and it was working on intel xdk before

But  now suddenly when I am trying to build my application it giving me following error

"The App Id must be composed of at least two sections separated by periods"

And now I can't change my app ID as its already approved on app store. Can someone please suggest me the solution for this problem


Thank You

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