app framework, table and datepicker [SOLVED]


in my app, i'm trying to have a table cell where i can type a date or use a datepicker to fill the content.

i did use a plugin (editablegrid to be able to edit cells, i don't know if there are other ways to do, but that's the nicest thing i have found. It does work and the cell is having an input field when i click in, but no datepicker is displayed.

i did include jquery in script tag

i did include the editablegrid javascript too.

Edit caused loss of all HTML content from index.html

Can I post this as a warning but also a request for the Intel development guys to check this out.

I was editing the app.js file in XDK then clicked on DESIGN without first selecting the index.html file.

The designer refreshed as normal but then showed a blank white page and the select a framework dialog popped up. I reselected the app.js file which was still there and complete, selected the index.html file and again got the Select a Framework dialog again.

I then checked the index.html file in Finder only to see it as zero bytes and empty. I has lost my work.

Post 2611 update, build emails not working

After I updating to build 2611, Intel XDK no longer seems to be able to send "build emails".  My build appeared to be clean and without errors.  With past versions of Intel XDK, I would automatically receive an email (to the address of my registered Intel account) that included a link to the build.  This seems to no longer be happening after the build 2611 update.  Furthermore, even if I input my email address in the Recipient List field of the Build page, I do not receive an email.

Any ideas?



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