How to change text size in text area, p tags? quick question

Hi guys,

I have a text area inserted in a gridlayout and want to change the text size.
I see that  with this drag and drop the text is surrounded by <p> tags.
I've tried  <p style="font-size:20px">, (also tried changing to %), but doesn't work.
What's the way to do this?

Thanks in advance. 

Can't login

Hello everyone,

I have just installed intel XDK. First, I had some troubles to create a new account (I could not login with my fresh account for about an hour).

Now, I can login here, but when I try to login in the SDK (on both windows 8 and macOS 10), it loads forever and I have this popup :

Still Trying ... - Attempt to contact authentication server is taking a long time. You can wait, or check your network connection and try again.

Wrote blogpost on appframework installation and documentation

Have a look at, contains a lot of working links to working examples into the appframework Git repository that gives you the best documentation!

Let me know if it is useful.

Kind regards,

Serge van den Oever [Macaw]


Unable to install XDK Web Win


Ive been unable to install xdk_web_win_master_2248.exe

Ive downloaded it several times, trying to install it on windows 7 that is fully updated. Laptop has a fresh install of windows on it. The only other software installed is Office 2007.

When I run the exe file the splash screen comes up for 4-5 seconds and that it. Nothing running in task manager, no files ever get copied to the hard drive and I there are no errors.

Im at a loss here as to why it fails, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Error while building Android Crosswalk APK

Hi everyone,

I'm new to using Intel XDK so could use some help here.  I keep getting this error while building:

Error: Plugin " --variable APP_ID='YOUR_GOOGLE_PLAY_GAME_APP_ID'" failed to install.

Did anyone have similar issue before?

Also, how can I delete apps in development shown in the built panel?  A lot of those apps are built for testing purposes and I need to delete them to upload completed versions.



Intel XDK Release 2248, July 17, 2015

We have released version 2248 of the Intel XDK.

This release is a "hotfix" to the previously released 2170 version. It contains one significant bug fix:

  • The Intel XDK would pause for several minutes at startup with slow or misconfigured network connections.
  • There will not be a similar hotfix release for the Intel XDK IoT Edition or the Intel XDK Early Access release.

For detailed information please read the release notes.

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