Issue with Error Messages Displaying by jquery.validate

Dear all xdk expert,

I am using jquery.validate to validate a form in intel xdk designer. No special css styling is applied to the form. All styling are default and created by the xdk. The error message of the form would not display in one single line. It almost like the UI created by the xdk is placed in a grid. So the error message would wrap around from certain horizontal location for all messages (please see the image attached). Am I missing an important formatting aspect in the xdk?

ajax is not working on device after build

I've developed an app that requires user registration, login, fetching data from remote server using ajax. It's working fine on Intel XDK emulator and on app preview as well but unfortunately it's not working on device (android, haven't tested on iOS) after build.

I've attached my project, please help me solving this mystery.


html5 audio player


The html5 audio player only seems to work in the emulator.  It will not work when I build or debug on my device.  Am I doing something wrong?  I enabled the appropriate plugins and it just will not play my audio files.  

Apologies if this a repeat topic or in the wrong forum.

Ritchie O.

Missing options in the properties panel

I just downloaded some videos on intel xdk development and the tutor was talking about modifying a footer to create navbars. In his video i could see he had more options in the properties panel and after he clicked apply and it worked. With my version of the software, in the properties panel i don't find apply there and a host of mulitple options. In the video, at the upper right top , i could find intel 0240 there but mine is intel 190....... what could be the issue

Text invisible in popup inputs

If I make a pop-up to quickly get some user input and run in the Emulator as an iPhone app, the text that the user enters is the same color as the text-input field.  For example, the following will result in some invisible typing:

$.ui.popup({title: "Test Pop-up", message: "<div>Enter a name:<br/><input type='text' id='myinput'/></div>"});

This happens even if I put in more of the details that the App Designer would add to panels, eg

Suscribirse a HTML5