XDK for linux has no properties panel


The last version of XDK (1995) for Linux has a problem, it doesn't show the "properties" section on the right side of the IDE. I thought at first it was a misconfiguration, but I have just installed XDK on my MAC and everything is normal. 

Would you let me know if this is a already know issue, and, either way, whats the plan to get that fixed? 

Thank you very much, 

Pictures rotate when importing from native camera roll in iOS

I've been following this and managed to get photos from my camera roll usng app framework + cordova version 2.x.

The problem seems to be that if i take the photo "normally" without rotating the phone and then import this photo to my app it gets rotated to "landscape" mode. 

If i instead tried to import a already rotated photo it gets rotated to "portait" mode.

Build error on Android (and Crosswalk) when using the Cordova Capture Plugin


When i try to build an android app, and have enabled the cordova capture plugin, the build fails für android and android crosswalk.

I have tried it with the Version 0.3.5 and 0.3.6 of this plugin - always the same error. 

The following error:


The build failed.

An error occurred while building the application. Verify your build assets are correct and try again.

Have to manually delete project from

Will XDK change this? Now the project keep in and shown in App Preview. Even project that I already remove from XDK. Even worst, if I recreate new project with same name, it will show 2 project with same name in App Preview. This is very confusing and inconvenient.

XDK team please consider make this workflow better. Thanks.


Custom URL Scheme and Trouble with Cordova Plugin

I would like to implement support a custom URL scheme for my XDK-built application. Current focus is building for Android using Crosswalk, although will also target iOS as soon as the app is feature-complete. As a detail I am using the current XDK (version 1995) on Windows 8.1.

By custom URL scheme, to be clear, I mean support for launching the app via a URL like "mycoolapp://dosomething" via a web page or another application.

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