Facebook plugin behavior

I am using the Facebook plugin featured in Intel XDK (v 1826).  The plugin works fine.  I am redirected to a Safari page (on the iPhone) to login.  On subsequent login attempts, the user gets redirected to a Safari page with a message - "You have already authorized [my app name]."  User can press OK or cancel.  Pressing OK redirects back to my app no issues.  Is there a way to avoid this confirmation though?  A setting that I can pass to avoid this?  My code is simply:

Why Intel XDK app designer not compatible with App Framework 3.0

I received a response to my post "Intel App Framework is dying from Intel-ian on the depreciated HTML5 Tools forum. Basically it said that i should not have used Inter XDK App Designer ! May be he did not see al the advertising and video for it on the intel site.>So I ask officially the question on this "official" Intel forum "It seems most of your issues are more around App Designer then App Framework itself. App Framework is one of the UI Frameworks you can use in App Designer.


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