iOS Build provisioning copy error

Hello all,

The source code of for my app is kept in a dropbox folder so I can access it easily from multiple computers. The XDK runs and emulates my app just fine, and can build apps for Crosswalk. However, when I try to build the app for iOS, the build fails with the following error:

Error: Could not copy the provisioning profile [name of the file]

Criar APP Rádio Ao vivo com "IP:PORTA"

Olá amigos,

Vi diversos tutoriais na internet de como criar um App para rádio online.

Mas ambos não usam com AAC com IP:PORTA (ex.: radio

Crio o App, e adiciono o player de audio do Intel XDK, insiro o ip e a porta no src. 

Mas quando vou testa o app no preview, a radio demora entre 3 a 5 minutos para começar a tocar.

Se possivel, se alguem tiver uma solução, ficaria muito grato.


404: Intel XDK can't find your APP.

Working on an app just fine for weeks and I suddenly got this error today upon opening Intel XDK (no changes made). Searched around to find it is a known bug that was supposedly fixed. Tried upgrading to 2248, then removing and re-adding the project, but none of that worked. Tried creating a new project and copying only the HTML/JS/CSS files and it worked a twice, but then I started getting this error again without making any changes (just refreshing and pushing it to the test server). 

html5 freedom for beginners

html5 freedom for beginners.

I keep my everyday-used information (like photo/video/notes etc.) in my phone in html format.
It is like a web page, but kept on my phone's memory card.
And it is not strongly attached to my current mobile OS.
I mean this page can be easily copied to any mobile phone with any OS
supporting html5 and where browser can access to html file saved on memory card.
Follows are some instructions about this html file.

Suscribirse a HTML5