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Intel Software Day 2015 - Salvador (Conteúdo)

The Intel Software Brazil held on 12 and 13 June 2015 the Intel Software Day 2015. This year the event moved from air and was held in Salvador, being welcomed by Senai - Cimatec . and its excellent infrastructure
During the event were held five trails of lectures focusing on Android, RealSense / Windows, IoT, HPC and startups with high-level professionals, and presentations of demos and networking among participants.





如今,实感技术随着创新渠道的不断更新,生态系统的逐步壮大,已经在游戏、社交、家居等领域得到了大力发展。再加上在各种终端设备上的拓展,实感技术的未来必将势不可挡。为了加速实感技术更加广泛地应用,2014年6月,在台北国际电脑展(Computex)上,英特尔总裁詹瑞妮宣布,启动英特尔实感技术应用挑战赛,旨在鼓励开发人员为台式机、笔记本和平板开发创新性的应用程序。近日,英特尔宣布了英特尔实感技术应用挑战赛的获奖者, 百万美金奖励终尘埃落定。


Rapid Makers

For some while I keep finding around me things related to Makers, Quadcopters, and algorithms. At first I thought that it is just by chance... That IoT is nice, and Makers are having fun, and algorithms are just another way of saying parallel programming and so on... Apparently there is something very unique that connects all these seemingly unrelated areas. You know, it takes a while to realize it, but: if everyone at work speaks Martian, and your barman speaks Martian, and you go back home and your wife speaks Martian, then you probably live on Mars!

Unite 2015 Taipei 展示Intel 多項軟體技術

在剛結束的 Unite 2015 Taipei  (4/22 , 4/23) 在intel 攤位上有許多軟體技術展出,為大家整理一下:

Unity 在 IA (intel architecture) Android上的表現

在Unity 4.6以後開發者可以再輸出的時候直接勾選產生IA Android的APK 甚至是跨平台的FAT APK。開發者可以輕鬆地在IA Android機器上提升效能。

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