Performance of Concurrent Java Code Measured in the Intel® Manycore Testing Lab

In the graduate course Concurrent Object Oriented Languages, taught at York University, Toronto, students do three assignment and write a paper based on these assignments.

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  • WearHacks Kicks Off in Toronto

    WearHacks is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Montreal, focused on the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship in Wearable Technology and Internet of Things all over the world. They kicked off this past weekend in Toronto, drawing hundreds of attendees and bringing together developers, designers, project managers, students, and engineers with an entrepreneurial and creative mind.

    Moo-O* Uses Intel® RealSense™ to Put Child in Stories for Beginning Readers

    Children create stories in which they are the on-screen stars with EyePower's reading software Moo-O. EyePower uses the Intel® RealSense™ SDK's facial anaylsis and gesture control technologies to create a collaborative, personalized learn-to-read experience.
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