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Internal compiler error (C0000005)

Dear Fortran Masters, 

The code below is given an internal compiler error (C0000005). It seems valid Fortran 2003 to me. The idea of the code is to know the dimensions of the internal arrays of the "stream" data type when the function Solve is called by data types extending taUoO.

The error is obtained using the XE 2015 Composer Edition (latest update). 

Thank you in advance, Javier


Regarding segmentation violation signal raised Access violation or stack overflow error

I am trying to compile hdf-4.2.11 for rhel 6; i have compiled required dependencies for hdf like zlib jpeg and szip using icc & ifort;
The configure script of HDF4 ran successfully ,

CC=$CCOMP F77=$FCOMP CXX=$CXXCOMP ./configure --prefix=$ROOT_DIR/hdf4 --with-zlib=$ROOT_DIR/zlib --with-jpeg=$ROOT_DIR/jpeg --with-szlib=$ROOT_DIR/szip

The configure log is :

ipp lead to decrease performance


i have a system with 15 -750 cpu and windows 8.1 and I use IPP8.2 .

my program have a greate number Array Mul ,Div or sqrt.

i write a small code with ipp and use both ippm and ipps for mul array and compare that code performance with my simple array mul.

my code is this:


    Ipp64f* src=new Ipp64f[200]();
    for(int i=0;i<200;i++)
        src[i]=i; // initialize source array with values
    Ipp64f* res=new Ipp64f[200]();

Fortran Dynamic Allocation Array


the problem is that How can i increase a (Fortran) allocated array size in a program?

in program like this:

real(8), allocatable, dimension(:) :: x
! programs body
allocate(x(N)) ! but this is an error

there is two approach

First: using move_alloc

Second: using x=[x,(x(1),i=1,j-size(x))]

Thread heap allocation in NUMA architecture lead to decrease performance


i have server that has 80 logical core (model:dl580g7) .I'm running a single thread per core.

each thread doing mkl fft , convolution and many Allocation and DeAllocation from heap with malloc.

i previously have server with 16 logical core and there was not a problem and each thread work on its core with 100% cpu usage.

Problem with environment variables

Hello, I installed the intel compiler without much problem, but I'm having some problems with the variables

I did run the script like this:

source /opt/intel/bin/ ia32

Then I can run the compiler with no problems, but always when I exit the terminal I have to run the script again because the terminal says that he won't find the icpc command.

I guess it's a problem with the variables, but I can't figure out what problem it is

Thanks in advance



Debug Problem


On previous, I have been used Visual Studio 2008 with Intel visual fortran 11.1.3463.2008 and move to Visual Studio 2013 and Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer  edition for fortran windows  on my 64 bit windows 7 computer. My problem is that in the debug mode the program doesn't move step by step as i shown on the figure and some time does not show the values of the variables. 

Run To Cursor at the first step :

Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update2 is very slower


I updated the Intel Fortran Compiler to SP1 update 2 (SP1.2.176) recently. I tried to compile my code using this new update. Compared with the previous compiler (XE 2013 Update 5  - 2013.5.198), it was found that the new update took about two time longer to compile the same code and generated the executable which is also about two times larger than the executable generated by using the previous version. The executable also runs slightly slower than before. Any idea or any settings I should change to use the new compiler?


Intel Fortan 14 to 13

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to compile a Software call Delft 3D with VS2010 and Intel Composer 2013. I download the last version of Intel Visual Fortran Compiler, but the source code is create of the version and I use

How can I get a older version of the compiler?

Thanks for your help



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