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Come sapete Edison viene distribuita con un'immagine di Yocto Linux. L'immagine contiene tutto il software necessario al funzionamento di base del sistema e diverse utilissime librerie, ma per chi, come me, e' abituato ad usare GNU/Linux normalmente, troverebbe alcune mancanze fastidiose.

Yocto e' ottima per costruire distribuzioni customizzate al proprio prodotto, ma compilare pacchetti e librerie non e' esattamente banale.

Primo Webcast Italiano su Intel Realsense

Il primo Webcast di introduzione alla tecnologia Intel Realsense si e' svolto Lunedi' 15 Settembre 2014 per mano di Massimo Bonanni e mia, in qualita' di Intel Software Innovator per Realsense italiani.

La sessione prevedeva la presentazione delle caratteristiche del nuovo SDK ed alcune demo per vedere il Sistema in Azione in anteprima.

Alla fine e' abbiamo presentato il nuovo Realsense App Challenge 2014, la grande competizione aperta a tutti I developer con un montepremi da capogiro: 1 Milione di DOLLARI!


Modbus on Intel(R) Edison

Modbus; is a well known protocol used for instance for industrial, or home automation. It may run on several physical layers such as serial (RS232, or RS485) or ethernet (TCP, or UDP).


For modbus on Intel(R) Edison you can easily use WiFi, or serial (RS232) as they are directly available on the platform. 

Python libraries

On Linux you find a whole bunch of modbus libraries such as 


Это руководство по созданию образов из исходного кода для платы Intel® Galileo, входящей в комплект Intel® IoT Developer Kit. Во-первых, нужно получить различные уровни, используемые для компиляции образа. Потребуется достаточно много места на диске (порядка 20 ГБ) и современная 64-разрядная версия ОС Linux*. Мы опробовали процедуру в Debian 7 и openSUSE 12 и предполагаем, что и в других дистрибутивах все будет работать.

Образы основаны на ответвлении poky под названием daisy.
$ git clone --branch dizzy git:// iotdk

IoT for babies - and parents!

I am back from a generous 8-months parental leave, courtesy of Intel and the government of Germany. During this time, I was much less active in trying out technology than I thought I would. As most first time parents, I overestimated my future availability for much else. I did some testing, but besides time I would like to have had budget to do more. There are plenty of technology available for parents, with many IoT products that are around since before IoT was really this big thing. Caring for a new baby is a sensitive time for parents, and it is a relief to rely on technology to inform us and give some peace of mind. Not surprising, two out of ten Make It Wearable finalists in 2014 were projects directed at this area. This year, several wearables and devices intended for infants where showcased at CES. And as in any upcoming technology, there is market for more: more products or better versions of existing products. Some products are thought for other areas and parents find out they are great for parenting. Others are designed to help parents but the usability isn’t where it could be. So here is a collection of products that I tested and what I would like to have tested. Maybe you can create a better version of some of them with Intel technology. :)

Collegamento a Intel® Edison da Android* con Bluetooth* LE (BLE)


L'uso della comunicazione Bluetooth* LE (BLE) sta vivendo un boom sia nei prodotti commerciali che in ambito hobbystico, principalmente grazie al costo ridotto e ai requisiti energetici minimi. Tutto ciò lo rende un'ottima scelta quando si desidera comunicare dal proprio telefono o tablet Android* verso i progetti Intel® Edison o Intel® Galileo.

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    Платы Intel® Edison оборудованы встроенным модулем Bluetooth*. В этом документе показано включение Bluetooth* и связывание устройства.

    Для включения Bluetooth* выполните следующие команды.

         rfkill unblock bluetooth

    bluetoothctl запуск программы командной строки BlueZ. В этой программе вы увидите [bluetooth]# в начале каждой строки.

    Зарегистрируйте агента и настройте его использование по умолчанию.

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  • Использование VTune Amplifier 2016 для анализа приложения HelloOpenCL для GPU

    You are recommended to learn how to use VTune to perform a profiling first before reading this article. If you don’t know how to do it, you may refer the tutorial documents first to understand basics in VTune. VTune Amplifier 2016 for system can be also used to analyze OpenCL™ programs. This article is to show you how to use this function and also to create a simple OpenCL program HelloOpenCL via Microsoft Visual Studio & Intel OpenCL codebuilder.
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  • Known Issue: Debugging With Intel® System Studio for Microcontrollers 2015 Update 2 Does Not Work if Compiler Option -Wl,-u -Wl,_printf_float is Used

    Debugging within Eclipse does not work if the compiler option "-Wl,-u -Wl,_printf_float" is used. The following error message will be shown: Error in final launch sequence Failed to execute MI command: load FW.elf Error message from debugger back end: Bogus trace status reply from target: OK Bogus trace status reply from target: OK
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