Learn about the new performance assistant chart, which shows potential performance problems in an MPI program.

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These materials work with the supplied sample code to demonstrate important features in this release. You can find the tutorials in the documentation library.

Analyze OpenMP* & MPI Applications

Learn the basic steps to analyze hybrid OpenMP* and MPI code for inefficiencies using an MPI performance snapshot, Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector, and Intel® VTune™ Amplifier. Discover how to use Intel® Parallel Studio to tune hybrid applications by reviewing MPI use inefficiencies and balancing thread load levels.

Instructions (Linux*)

Detect & Resolve Errors with the MPI Correctness Checker

In addition to regular performance analysis, Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector can perform correctness checking on MPI applications to help you find programming mistakes and detect errors in the execution environment. This tutorial demonstrates the correctness checking workflow for sample MPI applications with the following types of errors:

  • Data type mismatches
  • Deadlocks


Lightweight Statistics for MPI

Intel® Performance Snapshot is a scalable, lightweight performance tool for MPI applications. It collects MPI application statistics, such as communication, activity, and load balance, and presents them in a streamlined format. Learn a complete workflow that includes how to:

  • Detect performance issues
  • Find communication hot spots
  • Review your application

Get Started (Linux)

Analyze MPI Applications

To improve performance of some complex applications, it is necessary to analyze their cross-process behavior and single process performance. Use Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector to analyze communications between processes. Intel VTune Amplifier helps you find single process performance issues. This workflow demonstration is applied to a sample program and showing you how to:

  • Find communication imbalance issues in your application
  • Find hot spots on the intraprocess level of your application


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