Follow these steps to connect your board to Arduino Create* and begin working with your development kit.

Computing devices like the UP²* board can allow attackers to obtain unauthorized disclosure of information through attacks known as Meltdown and Spectre. For the security patch to address these attacks, see

You’ll walk through the following basic steps:

Make Board Connections
Connect the Grove Pi+* board and cables, then power on your UP²* board

Connect to Arduino Create*
Sign up for an Arduino Create account and connect the UP² board to the Arduino Create Web Editor

Run the Blink Application
Find and run a sample application to blink an LED on your board

Before you begin: Gather your materials

Gather your items from this kit:

You’ll also need the following, not included in the kit:

  • Ethernet cable and internet access
  • A host computer, connected to the Internet.

If your host computer has Windows*, note that Windows 7 is not supported. Additionally, Arduino Create does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer*.

Your prototyping environment

When you've completed the steps in this guide, your environment will be set up like this:

You'll be able to code your sketches, and upload and run them on your UP² board via the cloud from your host computer.

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