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Hi, Been into computers since the 8080 in my altair - wirewrapped a z80 s100 system after that- had 8in DMA drives, memory-mapped video, and CPM - MPM operating system, been a programmer, engineer, and a tech, was in ground radio in the air force in 71- 10kw transmitters Collins URG, installed repaird computer typesetters (Autologic), and Publishing software (Editorial and classified), repaired and installed professional video equipment, wrote asm for portable blood pressure monitor, built PCs and repaired consumer equipment. In collage now for web development specialist - programmer under VA. Hobbies are Computers new - i7 system and embeded pic -atmel projects, AI stock prediction, Amature radio (FT101e & DSP10), video production, and restoring antique tube radios.

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