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I did a little programming on my dad's ZX81 and then the Spectrum when I was quite young (he was a programmer from way back using binary even... there are only 10 types of people right?) . Then I forgot about programming and when I left school I became an Art student. I eventually found my way into Architectural and Artistic Blacksmithing which I did for around 13 years before I decided it was time for a change! I did a course in CAD which led me into a job as an Architectural Technician for a few years. Then I became a structural steel draughtsman. During these few years I did more and more scripts in LISP (for AutoCad) and various other languages (including Dark Basic Professional in my spare time) which led me into my current job as a Developer for a Structural Steel CAD software firm. Now I use C# during the day and Dark Basic Professional for fun! All of my games are currently written in DBP.

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