Take a Quick Look at RenderMan 21.5 at SIGGRAPH 2017

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Get a brief look at the newest release of Pixar's legendary Renderman 21.5!

ey, hi guys. I'm Leif. I'm representing Pixar and RenderMan And we're here demoing at the Intel booth in top of the line 8180 Skylake processor with 56 cores, the newest RenderMan release, which is 21.5 now. We've got some new cool technology, and I'll be glad to show it to you on our new demo. 

RenderMan is Pixar's rendering software. And we also make it available for purchase for anyone. And mostly, big studios are using it, MPC, ILM. So we're doing Star Wars RenderMan, and we're doing all kinds of other VFX products as well. 

So animation and VFX is our core industry of the renderer. So we're celebrating over 25 years now in the renderer, and completely rewrote it as a full path tracer. And some of the cool things that we're partnering with Intel is vectorizing our denoise code into the CPU. We're getting up to three to four times speeds on the new version of RenderMan. So that's pretty awesome. 

To demo our partnership with Intel, we're showing our RenderMan renderer on a new Skylake 8180 processor with 45 physical cores. You can only get the vectorization code of the denoise on the Intel processor and get those three to four speed gains. Of course, the renderer itself is fully multi-threaded, so it can take advantage of as many cores as you want, almost linearly, on the Intel processors. 

So RenderMan runs fully on the CPU. So it's fully taking advantage of. You can allocate a bunch of memory per core. So it's very efficient and linear on multiple cores. So we're really taking advantage of all the Xeon capacity here and at the studio. 

So it can be used for animation and visual effects. So you can render a high budget film on it, or an animation, or a student project. We have over 197 schools using it currently. So from the smallest project to the biggest project, you can scale in a bunch of different ways. 

So we have several scenes prepared for you guys. A bunch-- we have a new path traced subsurface scattering on the Nefertiti model. We have a sterling silver car model that's from our Cars movies. And all of these are running on the new Intel Skylake 8180. 

So here we're demoing our Sterling model, very popular from the Cars movie, which by the way, you can download on the RenderMan community and fully play with this. This is showcasing some layered materials, including clear coats and Pixar surface layer, which we actually use on our new trilogy of RIS movies, which is Dory, Cars 3, and Coco. So those are our three main movies using this exact same shader and technology. 

We can interactively come in here and we can change any parameter we'd like on the shader itself. We get a live update. Or we can make incremental changes to our lighting and all our shading, real time on the IPR. 

We have multiple lobes here of diffuse. We have decals. We can actually layer several materials onto this. We can change the color of our metal car artistically. Or we can choose some physical modes as well for our speculator. We can choose in our base layer. 

In this case, we've taken a more artistic approach and we're changing our car here as we see fit. So we have a somewhat iridescent car. So we can make our car pretty groovy over her.e 

We can make any geometric light, or we can make any geometry emissive. So you can use any arbitrary shape to use as a light source. And also, interactively change it in the view port. So thanks for watching our demo. Please check out our new website, renderman.pixar.com.