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The Latest on Open Fabrics Interface (OFI): The New Scalable Fabric Software Layer for Supercomputers

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Speaker: Sean Hefty, Intel

With the diversity of platforms, it is impossible for MPI libraries to automatically provide the best performance for all existing applications. In this session, we demonstrate that Intel® MPI Library is not a black box and contains several features allowing users to enhance MPI applications. From basic (process mapping, collective tuning) to advanced features (unreliable datagram, kernel-assisted approaches), this session covers a large spectrum of possibilities offered by the Intel MPI Library to improve the performance of parallel applications on high-performance computing (HPC) systems.

This session introduces tuning flags and explains features available on Intel MPI Library by highlighting results obtained on a Stampede* cluster. It is designed to help beginner and intermediate Intel MPI Library users to better understand all of the library's capabilities.