What's new in Intel® Software Tools 2015 Beta

What's new in Intel® Software Tools 2015 Beta

This technical presentation will cover new Beta features for the most recent standards: OpenMP4.0, MPI-3, Fortran 2003 and 2008, and C++ 11 running on the newest Linux*, Windows*, and OS X* operating systems.  Covered will be a new C/C++ compiler driver “icl” for OS X*.  Intel® Math Kernel Library adds Cluster PARDISO, Airmont, and Goldmont Atom optimizations, and certain tunings for the Haswell and Broadwell architectures.  Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE additionally boast an improved ease-of-use via changes in the Summary Pane and General Exploration.  Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector offers a brand-new performance assistant to aid in removing the bottlenecks in your MPI code.  Intel Advisor XE presents a dramatically improved suitability view. Intel Inspector XE has generated a 3X performance improvement for threading analysis and improvements to memory growth and on-demand leak detection.

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