Full error message: Stack size provided to sigaltstack is too small. Please increase the stack size to 64K minimum. This message is Linux* only.


When setting up SIGPROF signal handler, the VTune Amplifier attempts to configure the signals to use the alternative stack size using sigaltstack() API to make sure that its signal handler does not depend on the stack size of the profiled application. If the application uses alternative signal stack itself, the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier requires that the alternative stack size is 64K at a minimum. This may be not the case if the application uses SIGSTKSZ constant for the alternative stack size (which is 8192 bytes). In this case, the data collection may terminate with the error message.


Configure the VTune Amplifier not to set up the alternative stack and use the stack provided by th application. To do this, pass the following command line options to the tool:

> amplxe-cl -run-pass-thru=--no-altstack

Or, set up the environment variable AMPLXE_RUNTOOL_OPTIONS=--no-altstack.

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