If you work with the Microsoft Visual Studio* environment, a new Intel® VTune™ Amplifier menu item appears under the Microsoft Visual Studio* Tools menu after the product installation. This menu contains commands for accessing all commonly used VTune Amplifier features. This includes menu items to run and control performance analysis for the current solution.

These are the commands available from the Intel VTune Amplifier sub-menu in Visual Studio IDE:




Open VTune Amplifier

Open Vtune Amplifier within Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.


Profile with VTune Amplifier

Profile the project with VTune Amplifier.

To access the VTune Amplifier menu in the standalone GUI, click the button in the Menu button in the upper right corner. The following commands are available:


Hot Keys


New > Project...


Create a new VTune Amplifier project that introduces your analysis target.

New > Compare Results...


Open the Compare Results dialog box and specify analysis results to compare. You can compare only the results of the same analysis type.

New > Analysis...


Open the Configure Analysis window to choose, configure, and run an analysis.

New > <analysis type> Analysis


Run the specified analysis types without opening the Configure Analysis window. For your convenience, this list of analysis types includes the most recent configurations you ran.

Open > Project...


Open an existing VTune Amplifier project to introduce your analysis target and start analysis.

Open > Result...


Open an existing analysis result.

Close Project


Close the currently opened project.

Import Result...


Open the Import window to import a data file, such as *.tb6.

Recent Projects


Quickly open a recently used VTune Amplifier project.

Recent Results


Quickly open a recently collected analysis result.



Open the Options dialog box to configure general, result name, or source/assembly options.

View > Welcome


Open the Welcome page that provides direct access to most recent projects and results. You can also use this page to open or create a VTune Amplifier project.

View > Project Navigator


Open the project navigator window to explore the currently selected project.

Help > Intel VTune Amplifier version Help


Open the online help for the VTune Amplifier.

Help > Getting Started with Intel VTune Amplifier version


Open the Getting Started page that provides a basic product workflow, features overview, and links to basic local and online documentation resources and samples.

Help > VTune Amplifier Developer Forum


Open VTune Amplifier Developer Forum web page where you can post your questions on the product functionality and get a competent response.

Help > Video and Articles


Open the VTune Amplifier web page with How-to videos and technical articles.

Help > Intel Processor Event Reference


Open a landing page for Intel processor event reference documentation. To view processor specific event help, select the required processor family/microarchitecture from the list.

Help > About...


View product license and product details.



Exit the VTune Amplifier standalone interface.

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