Specify a path to the temporary directory on the remote system where performance results are temporarily stored.

GUI Equivalent

Configure Analysis window > WHERE pane > Remote Linux (SSH) target system > Temporary directory on the remote system option





Path to a directory on the remote Linux system where performance results are temporarily stored.



Actions Modified

collect, collect-with


VTune Amplifier supports command line analysis of applications running on a remote Linux system (target) using the following product components installed:

  • Host: VTune Amplifier command line interface (amplxe-cl)

  • Remote embedded Linux or Android target: target package with data collectors

When the VTune Amplifier collects data remotely, performance data is temporarily saved to the default /tmp directory on the remote system. If, for some reason, you changed the default temporary directory, make sure to specify this path with the -target-tmp-dir option.

This command runs Hotspots analysis with stacks for a Linux application and specifies a non-default temporary location on the remote system:

host>./amplxe-cl --target-system=ssh:vtune@ -target-tmp-dir=/home/tmp –collect hotspots -knob sampling-mode=hw -knob enable-stack-collection=true -- /home/samples/matrix

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