Refer to the Prerequisites before you begin the installation.

Use the following steps to launch the command line installer:

  1. Extract the installation package to a writeable directory with the following command:

    tar -xzf vtune_amplifier_<version>.tar.gz

  2. Navigate to the directory containing the extracted files.
  3. Run the following command to run the installer:



    Run the following command to install all components on a network-mounted drive or shared file system: ./ --SHARED_INSTALL

  4. Follow the command prompts to install the product.
  5. After installation succeeds, run the following command to establish the VTune Amplifier environment:

    For bash command interpreter:

    source <install-dir>/

    For csh/tcsh command interpreter:

    source <install-dir>/amplxe-vars.csh

Para obtener información más completa sobre las optimizaciones del compilador, consulte nuestro Aviso de optimización.
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