App Framework - Version 2.0


Intel is excited to announce the release of App Framework 2.0, a cross platform HTML5 framework for building mobile applications. App Framework (originally known as jqMobi) allows you to write an application targeting the most popular smartphone devices, including iOS*, Android*, Blackberry 10* and Windows Phone 8* with a single code base. App Framework uses the latest features of CSS3 and JavaScript to accelerate HTML5 performance on mobile devices.

The App Framework project is comprised of three key features.
  1. A query selector library with syntax similar to jQuery*
  2. A UI/UX library that delivers high performance
  3. Plugins

App Framework 2.0 features native scrolling on iOS5+ devices, CSS3 transforms for crisp animations, and provides the ability to write your app in all HTML. The newest features of CSS3 are leveraged to increase performance, minimizing the use of iterative-based markup for styling. App Framework supports the latest CSS3 selectors, increasing the speed of your code.

With the 2.0 release of App Framework, the UI library now provides themes inspired by the native interfaces for iOS*, iOS7*, Android*, Blackberry* 10 and Windows* 8. Alternately, you may opt to create their own theme and deliver a consistent UI across all platforms. A style builder and LESS style sheet are provided to help create unique themes for your application. The CSS for App Framework UI was re-written from the ground up to provide easier customization, flexibility and, performance. End users will notice the quickness and responsiveness that your app provides, often competing with native performance. No two App Framework apps have to look alike, and you can easily use the library to fit your design needs.

The Intel App Framework team also added support for jQuery within the App Framework UI via a plugin. Using the jq.appframework.js plugin, you can use jQuery instead of the App Framework query selector library. This allows you to use your favorite jQuery plugins inside App Framework UI, with no need to port anything. The new release also provides wrappers to any App Framework functions not implemented in jQuery, providing backwards compatibility with the App Framework plugins.

The core of App Framework has been minimized and written to support Win8JS security policies. App Framework Playground, a place to curate and discover plugins for App Framework is now available. App Framework Playground allows you to test a plugin and customize it, all without downloading anything on your computer. Previewing allows you to decide if the plugin meets your needs and customization helps with configuring the options you want. Non core plugins like the carousel and alpha table were removed. These non-core plugins, like the carousel, are now available from the App Framework Playground.

App Framework provides many benefits for cross platform HTML5 mobile development. App Framework UI provides a native like experience with fixed headers and footers. It also fixes many common bugs that exist, like iOS’s 300ms click delay or broken select boxes on Android. It provides a scrolling library that is auto-enabled for you on every page, taking the pain out of worrying about what library to use or how to set it up.

App Framework query selector library has been independently verified to be the fastest jQuery like library. While it implements a sub-set of APIs, it focuses on the most useful functions for mobile and only supports the latest mobile browsers. The query selector library is roughly 8Kb minified and gizpped, leaving a small footprint in your application.

App Framework has already been put to use by all types of developers. Companies like Paypal* and Badoo* recognized the speed and performance App Framework offers for mobile devices and used in the development of their mobile HTML5 apps. College Prowler* built their Android and iOS apps with a single code base, allowing them to maintain a consistent UI and minimize development time. Zepeel* created a unique online dating experience that looks like no other App Framework application. Each week developers are letting us know about applications they just deployed with App Framework.

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