Game Developers Conference 2015

When: Mar 2 - Mar 6
Where: San Francisco, CA, United States
Type: Conference

The Intel® University Games Showcase is a unique event that brings together the very best student game projects from the top game developer academic programs in the U.S. These student teams will present their games live to a panel of judges made up of game industry luminaries and a huge audience of game industry professionals and press and media influencers, as well as fellow students and faculty. Intel is providing $35,000 in hardware prizes for this year's event. Participating universities include Carnegie Mellon, Digipen, Drexel, NYU, RIT, SMU Guildhall, UC/Santa Cruz, UT/Austin, Utah, and USC.

Descriptions of each team’s submission are given below.

Carnegie Mellon University

Not Everything Is Flammable (NEIF)

NEIF is a 2D platformer where you are the flame and your goal is to cause as much property damage as possible, but not everything is flammable!  Burn through houses, towns, cities, and the once peaceful countryside as you slowly unravel your motivations behind the destructive fury.

NEIF began as a Global Game Jam prototype created by DAM:  David Shiyang Liu, Alex Hu, and Mac Lotze.  They then spent three months expanding the game at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center. NEIF features simple mechanics, procedurally generated challenges, and an adaptive musical score to always ensure a unique play experience.

Team Members

David Shiyang Liu, Alex Hu, Mac Lotze



“SubRay” is an underwater exploration game, with a focus on survival. The game begins with the player crash landing into an alien ocean, forcing the player to descend into the murky depths to recover space ship components that are necessary to escape the planet. For mechanics we employ a combat system, a sonar system, and a stealth mechanic that combine to support the player’s innate instinct to fight or flight. Our goal with “SubRay” is to guide the player on a journey of wonder and solitude, creating an immersive play experience using dynamic audio and a distinct visual style.

Team Members

Aaron Johnson, Seth Weedin, Joe Sopko, Stanley Hayes, Hiago Desena, Joe Lubertazzi, Annabelle Bowie, Jordan Krissi

Drexel University

Gygan Reign

Gygan Reign is a casual online player-versus-player game, where players are given the ability to direct complex wars, battle after battle, with very simple orchestration. Draw unique paths for units that spawn from your towers to the enemy Gygan—large creatures that serve as the base. Then, quickly change your overall strategy by editing these paths directly on the battlefield! Gygan Reign gives players great power with absolutely no responsibility.

Team Members

Anna Nguyen, Desiree Lim, Henderson Yan, Jonathan Ahnert, Kai-Lin Chuang, Miguel Gonzalez, Cory Bergquist, Dylan Yates, Ryan Daugherty, Alex Olivares

New York University


“Badblood” is a deadly game of hide & seek. It is a local split-screen, one-on-one brawler of the brain, not brawn—a hybrid of chess and street fighter. As one of the vengeful characters on a personal manhunt, you must use stealth, manipulation, and risk assessment to find and kill your opponent before they find you.

Team Members

Winnie Song

Rochester Institute of Technology

Super Daryl Deluxe

“Super Daryl Deluxe” is a 2D slapstick action-RPG for PC that puts the controls in your hands to climb the social ladder all over again at Water Falls High School. But don’t get too confident, you’re starting from scratch as a filthy new kid. You’ve gotta do everything everyone tells you if you plan on becoming popular and saving the world from a deranged self-help writer bent on enslaving the human race. Team up with the janitor, travel through time and space, and collect dozens of unique social skills to construct your own combat system and fight your way to the top!

Team Members

Dan Plate, Gary Porter

SMU Guildhall

Super Slash ‘n Grab

Amassing sterling gold. Drinking wine. Betraying your friends. The life of a thief is a good one. But when the precious Thieves’ code gets stolen, things turn from joking and partying to serious business.

Take on the role of a ruthless thief in this four-player hack-and-stash adventure. This fast-paced, bloody quest requires you to compete, steal, and kill as much as possible. Sharpen those swords and tighten those crossbow bolts, it’s about to get messy in “Super Slash ‘n Grab!”

Team Members

Guido Arcella Diez, Bret Dover, Derek Holson, Vince Kocks, Jimmy Lewis, Jeffrey Listman, Austin Martin, Ryan Moore, Pramod Ramesh, Curtis Rochelle, Nick Slay, Matt Toellner, JD Tomlinson, Alex Whitfield, Sarah Wilson, Ben Weber, Mike Quist

UC/Santa Cruz

Ice-Bound: A Novel of Reconfiguration

“Ice-Bound” is an interactive narrative that combines a printed art book with a digital game. Inspired by the dense, labyrinthical texture of books like Nabokov's “Pale Fire” and Mark Danielewski's “House of Leaves,” the nested story concerns a long-dead author's unfinished stories of doomed polar explorers and the digital ghost created to complete them. Merging cutting-edge technology for interactive storytelling and a book brought to life with augmented reality, “Ice-Bound” asks where the boundary is between a book and a game and is for anyone who loves getting lost in a story.

Team Members

Aaron A. Reed, Jacob Garbe

University of Utah


“404Sight” is a 3D runner inspired by “Mirror's Edge” and “Assassin's Creed” where the player must run, react, and use their ping ability to reveal areas that will accelerate or slow down their progress to the end. It is a statement on net neutrality where the player must traverse the world as quickly as possible and avoid being throttled by the looming Internet Service Provider.

Team Members

James Hulse, Matt Jensen, Tina Kalinger, Antonio Revard, Brenton Walker, Siddharth Gupta, Vinod Madigeri, Abhishek Verma, Kyle Chittenden, Cory Haltinner, Rachel Leiker, Joe Rozek

University of Texas/Austin

The Calm Before

Inspired by classics such as “The Legend of Zelda” and “Deus Ex,” the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy brings you an adventure like no other. As an avatar of powerful beings that once protected the land, you are called forth to defend it from a legendary storm that will ultimately destroy it. Drawing upon the remaining vestiges of the gods’ power and armed with their tools, you will breathe life into timeless rituals in order to turn back, and finally eradicate, the looming threat. In “The Calm Before,” you must battle terrible beasts and solve ancient puzzles to save the island from utter destruction.

Team Members

Zach Bohn, Nick Esparza, Elora Krzanich

University of Southern California


“Polyseum” introduces coordinated team fights and longer lasting combat to the first-person-shooter genre. In teams of three, players eliminate their opponents by sending them flying into hazards or off the battle stage completely. Teammates combine unique abilities to set up attacks, finish off opponents, and defend each other from enemy assaults. In “Polyseum,” players live together or die alone.

Team Members

Riley Pietsch, Baldur Tangvald, Adrian Swanberg, Aleena Byrne, Alex Burt, Andre Duvoisin, Catherine Fox, Colleen Dimmer, David Zhang, James Lynch, Kenneth Nursalim, Neilson Koerner-Safrata, Pablo Ortiz, Ryan Navar, Sean Sharma, Tanner Zigrang, Trevor Dietz, Zach Metcalf