Intel CE5300 not able force to reboot

Intel CE5300 not able force to reboot


could any one explain or describe how to force reboot a CE5300 board?

It gets stuck: on any valid CF9 I know and also using "reboot -f". Is there any other valid sequence to force reboot this SoC, but not included in SDK I have?

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Could you try reposting your question in this (embedded tools) forum,



     Could you please let me know if you are able to run your "CEFDK", I mean are you able to see the command prompt atleast?

Also i would like to know if the CE5300 box that you have is Blue (GP1) or Black (GP2)? Please do let me know so that i can send you a platform reference guide.


Sukruth H V


yes, no issues running CEFDK. Board is based on GP1.


Hi Marcin,

               Please follow the commands on the Platform reference doc attached and everything should work fine.


Sukruth H V

[Edit: file removed by Intel® DZ Admin]

Hi Sukruth,

thank tou for your time, but document you have just sent, is not answering my question.

My question was not how to reboot the board, well normally. My question was, how to force to reboot board or by using CF9 "reset control register" or any replacement. Usually, writting given value to that register shall reboot the board immediately. Without waiting for anything. It can be tested by issuing "reboot -f" from terminal (save your work before:) ) or you can observe behavior during "Kernel Panic.."

But in my case the board freezes immediately, not rebooting. I think its all about reboot.c (x86, kernel). Once you look at that file, I'm sure i'll find what is all about. I wonder if something else than 0x02 should be sent to CF9 register or some other registers should be changed, as is for CE2300 based board in that reboot.c file.


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