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8:41 AM PDT
Intel(r) CCF 3.0.13 Release
Par Shamit Patel (Intel)Publié le 03/25/20150
March 20th, 2015 Intel® CCF 3.0.13 This release of Intel® Common Connectivity Framework SDK version 3.0 provides support for developing applications on Intel® CCF Version 3.0, and it includes the framework, tools, documentation and sample applications for creating applications on Windows*, An...
1:17 PM PST
How to develop a WPF APP that use Realsense SDK
Par Marco D.P.Publié le 12/28/20140
All my works with Realsense SDK (and previously with Perceptual) was realized in Windows Form essentially because I started to study the SDK from the sample supplied with the SDK and I don't think to change it. When I start to develop my application for the APP Challenge I think to create an app...
1:33 AM PST
#1 Developer Community in China Highlights New Intel® RealSense™ SDK, Gold Version
Par Pryce L. Mu (Intel)Publié le 12/03/20140
With improved functionality for gesture recognition, 3D face recognition, 3D augmented reality and other capabilities, the new Intel® RealSense SDK Gold Edition based on the Windows* 8 operating system was released in October. To develop a better understanding of these improvements, CSDN, the #1...
1:40 PM PDT
Game Development with Unity* and Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera
Par Gregor BiswangerPublié le 05/28/20150
This detailed tutorial by Intel Black Belt and Innovator Gregor Biswanger walks the user step-by-step through setting up Unity 3D with Visual Studio and then creating a simple C# version of the game Pong.
1:15 PM PDT
Revving Up Space Astro Blaster* with Intel® RealSense™ Technology
Par adminPublié le 05/28/20150
Learn how the developers of Space Astro Blaster* created an immersive gesture-controlled gaming experience using Intel RealSense technology.
8:48 AM PDT
New Vectorization Diagnostics starting from Intel® Fortran Compiler 15.0
Par Devorah H. (Intel)Publié le 05/26/20150
We have a similar catalog of vectorization diagnostics for the Intel® C++ Compiler HERE We have a similar catalog of vectorization diagnostics for the Intel® Fortran Compiler 14.0 and below HERE The following diagnostic messages from the vectorization report produced by Intel® Fortran Compiler....
6:50 AM PDT
Vectorization Resources for Intel® Advisor XE Users
Par Nancee Moster (Intel)Publié le 05/26/20150
Intel® Advisor XE 2016 offers a vectorization analysis tool and a threading design and prototyping tool to help ensure your Fortran and native/managed C++ applications take full performance advantage of today’s processors. This page augments code-specific advice offered in the vectorization analy...
7:47 PM PDT
Intel® RealSense™ made easy with SharpSenses
Par Andre CarlucciPublié le 05/25/20150
Many developers worldwide are taking advantage of the Intel® RealSense™  technologies to create really amazing applications with a whole new dimension for user interaction. Intel® provides an SDK that exposes all the features of the R200 and F200 cameras. The SDK is very powerful but it requires...
4:03 PM PDT
What's New? - Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2015 Update 4
Par MrAnderson (Intel)Publié le 05/20/20150
Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2015 performance profiler A performance profiler for serial and parallel performance analysis. Overview, training, support. New for the Update 4 release! (Optional update unless you need…) As compared to 2015 Update 3 release Support for Intel® Manycore Platform Sof...
11:45 AM PDT
Getting RealSense 3D Characters into Your Game Engine
Par leebamberPublié le 05/19/20150
Lee Bamber describes how you can scan a person with your front facing Intel RealSense 3D camera, generate a 3D character, and place this character in a virtual 3D world on your device.
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