11:55 AM PDT
Intel® MKL VML Training Material
By Gennady Fedorov (Intel)Posted 07/10/20123
This article contains training material (in PDF format) on Intel® MKL Vector Math (VML), which includes details of VML features and performance, examples and its application in Finance.
10:43 PM PDT
Intel® MKL with Numpy, Scipy, Matlab, C#, Python, NAG and more
By Gennady Fedorov (Intel)Posted 05/07/20120
The following article explains on using Intel® MKL with Numpy/SciPy, Matlab, C#, Java, Python, NAG, Gromacs, Gnu Octave, PETSc, HPL, HPCC, IMSL etc.
1:00 AM PDT
Intel® GPA Platform Analyzer: how can I benefit from the new features?
By adminPosted 08/04/20140
This article describes the features available in the Intel GPA Platform Analyzer.
6:49 AM PDT
Optimización de aplicaciones Android para arquitectura X86
By ALBERTINA D. (Intel)Posted 04/14/20140
Como parte del concurso App Latina los desarrolladores registrados recibieron un entrenamiento sobre "Cómo optimizar aplicaciones para arquitectura X86". Los ganadores de la primera ronda recibieron también una tablet Android con arquitectura Intel para testear su app y prepararla para la segunda...
10:30 AM PDT
A Parallel Stable Sort Using C++11 for TBB, Cilk Plus, and OpenMP
By Arch D. Robison (Intel)Posted 04/11/20140
This article describes a parallel merge sort code, and why it is more scalable than parallel quicksort or parallel samplesort. The code relies on the C++11 “move” semantics. It also points out a scalability trap to watch out for with C++. The attached code has implementations in Intel® Threading ...
12:29 PM PDT
Native Library Compression SDK for Android* Apps
By YUMING L. (Intel)Posted 04/10/20140
Download as PDF Introduction Android apps are typically written in Java* because of its elegant object-oriented design and the fact that the Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK) provides cross-platform features in Java. At times, however, developers need to use Android’s native interf...
7:23 AM PDT
Touch Response Measurement, Analysis, and Optimization for Windows* Applications
By thomas-pantels (Intel)Posted 04/10/20140
By Tom Pantels, Sheng Guo, Rajshree Chabukswar Download as PDF Introduction User experience (UX) is a game-changer for products today. While other features are important in the functionality of a device, none can overcome a perceived or actual lack of response and ease of use through touch. Si...
1:41 PM PDT
Intel for Android* Developers Learning Series #11: OpenGL ES* Support, Performance, and Features for Android* on the Intel® Atom™ Processor
By Tao Wang (Intel)Posted 04/09/20140
1. Introduction The standard API for 3D graphics on Android is OpenGL ES, which is the most widely used 3D graphics API on all mobile devices today. Android uses OpenGL ES to accelerate both 2D and 3D graphics. In early releases of Android, OpenGL ES acceleration was somewhat optional, but as An...
1:05 PM PDT
Viewing Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE Results on a different system
By Sumedh Naik (Intel)Posted 04/09/20140
Background Intel VTune Amplifier XE is a performance profiler that enables a programmer to collect information that can be used to tune applications in order to achieve better performance on systems equipped with Intel® processors. Intel VTune Amplifier XE also provides a powerful GUI that lets ...
12:02 PM PDT
The New Bubble Blaze Game Provides 160 Bubble Popping Puzzles on Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*
By THOMAS C. (Intel)Posted 04/09/20140
Hours of entertaining gameplay is now available with Bubble Blaze, featuring more than 160 fun bubble popping puzzles. The exciting new Bubble Blaze game is now available on Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. Players get to pop, tap and tilt their way through more than 160 puzzles. Bubble Blaze...


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