Embree - Photo-Realistic Ray Tracing Kernels

Embree: Photo-Realistic Ray Tracing Kernels

Embree is a collection of high-performance ray tracing kernels, developed at Intel Labs. The kernels are optimized for photo-realistic rendering on the latest Intel® processors

with support for the SSE and AVX instruction sets. In addition to the ray tracing kernels, Embree provides an example photo-realistic rendering engine. Embree is designed for Monte Carlo ray tracing algorithms, where the vast majority of rays are incoherent. The specific single-ray traversal kernels in Embree provide the best performance in this scenario and they are very easy to integrate into existing applications.

Embree 1.1 now released!

What's New in Embree 1.1?

Embree 1.1 offers new acceleration structures with significantly lower memory consumption: up to 2x during rendering and up to 3x during construction. In addition, the new builders are up to twice as fast as the previous version. To better support movie production rendering, Embree 1.1 adds a new acceleration structure for scenes with motion blur, support for very large models, and improved ray/triangle intersection accuracy.

Download Source Code

Release History:

- Beta Release (June 2011)

- 1.0 Release (November 2011)

- 1.1 Release (August 2012)

Embree 1.1 presentation at SIGGRAPH!!!

Details under the "Tech Sessions" tab on our SIGGRAPH page.

Link to larger copy of the video (click to view larger)

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Download Crown Scene: Crown0413.zip (73MB)

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Crown (click image for high-res picture)


Model courtesy of Martin Lubich (http://www.loramel.net)

Headlight (click image for high-res picture)

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