Power Efficiency: Vertical Applications

Vertical Applications


The conventional desktop, whether the general purpose PC or dedicated gaming console, as well as handheld platforms, have long been important application areas for gaming. Part of the evolution of gaming systems has been to increase the resolution of displays, have more realistic rendering (graphics engine), provide environments that mimic physical reality (physics engine), and enable more intelligent entities (AI engine). Consumers have come to expect an ever improving gaming experience. This expectation naturally carries over into the portable gaming systems. Meeting such expectations requires increasing performance, and so increasing power usage, which, on the other hand, typically reduces the length of play. These issues are being addressed by developments in both the hardware and software of gaming platforms.

  • Enabling Games for Power: PC gaming has traditionally been associated with desktop systems due to the performance requirements of game applications. As new laptop capabilities become comparable to desktops, some gamers began to consider these as gaming platforms. As the gaming industry adapts to mobile computing, resources like battery life become significantly important for system usability. To determine the most power efficient configuration, this paper analyzes the power consumption of laptops while changing different game applications settings like graphics, resolution, FPS, and more. The study focuses on how the different game settings can provide a more efficient power configuration with a battery-powered laptop.
  • Mobile Games Developer Guide: This article addresses the issues related to the mobile gaming experience. Intel provides an SDK and run-time for mobile application development, the Intel® Mobile Platform Software Developers Kit, and this is the preferred mechanism to enable games for mobility. When the application is not installed on a machine, this developer’s guide provides alternative mechanisms for mobile-aware applications. The focus of this document is gaming using laptops, but many of the principles apply to any mobile device, whether it’s a cell phone, PDA, or other mobile device.
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