Intel Academic Community at SC09


Intel Academic Community at Supercomputing 09.

For all of those who were able to meet us at the recent SuperComputing Conference in Portland, either live at the event or live online -Thank you; it was great meeting you!

For those who could not make the event, this web page will let you see the scope of our activities and provide some great resources.

Intel Academic Community Sponsored a number of Talks and panels

Tuesday, November 17 Friday, November 20

Teach Parallel: Developing a Curriculum for Parallelism

Moderator: Tom Murphy (Contra Costa College)

  • Dr. John Gustafson (Intel Labs)
  • Robert Chesebrough (Intel)
  • Dr. Jim Larus (Microsoft)
  • Dr. Bill Dally (NVIDIA)
  • Dr. Simon McIntosh-Smith (Bristol University)
  • Dr. Charlie Peck, Earlham College
Preparing the World for Ubiquitous Parallelism

Moderator: Dr. Matthew Wolf (Georgia Institute of Technology)

  • Dr. Benedict Gaster (AMD)
  • Kevin Goldsmith (Adobe Systems Inc.)
  • Dr. Charlie Peck (Earlham College)
  • Dr. Steven Parker (NVIDIA)
  • Dr. Michael Wrinn (Intel Corporation)
  • Dr. Evan Smyth (DreamWorks)

Teach Parallel! - Intel Academic Community & Supercomputing Education on Intel Software TV.

Intel Software TVstreamed many of the keynotes, invited talks live as well as conversations with key attendees.



Dr. Daniel Ernst, University of Wisconsin, Eau-Claire.
Well you missed the live talks, but you can still see the archived version by accessing the list on the player above or clicking on a Teach Parallel! - with Paul Steinberg & Professor Tom Murphy talk below.

Dr. Wilf Pinfold, General Chair, Super Computing Conference 2009.
Evan Smyth
Dr Evan Smyth, Principal Software Engineer, DreamWorks Animation.

Dr. Julie Mullen, MIT Lincoln Lab. Parallel Mat Lab.

Dr. Joel Adams, Dept of Computer Science, Calvin College.
Dr. Charlie Peck, Earlham College.

Laura McGinnis, Supercomputing Education Chair, 2010.

Dr. Tim Mattson, Intel Principal Engineer.
Patterns, Pattern Languages and Parallel Computing.

Jason Arviso, Navajo Technical College, Internet to the Hogan.

Dr. John Gustafson. He's not just a scientist, he's a law!

Dr. David O'Hallaron, Intel Labs Pittsburgh & Carnegie Mellon University. Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Project.
Dr. Jesse Bemley

Dr. Jesse Bemley, JEF -The Joint Educational Foundation.

Dr. Matt Wolf, Research Scientist CERCS Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems.
James Reinder
Dr. James Reinders, Intel Chief Software Evangelist.

Todd Rosenquist, Sr. Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel® Math Kernel Library

Skylar Thompson, Parallel Octave, Bootable Cluster CD.

Dr. Paul McKenney, Distinguished Engineer at IBM Linux Technology Center

Dr. Robert M. Panoff, founder and Executive Director of The Shodor Education

Werner Krotz-Vogel, Technical Marketing Engineer at Intel for Intel® Cluster Tools

Dr. Julie Mullen, MIT Lincoln Lab. Parallel Mat Lab.

Dr. Rebecca Hartman- Baker, Oak Ridge Natioanl Lab. Women in Computing.


Other Videos and activities from SC09:

2009 SC Student Programming Challenge

Professor Ada Gavrilovska, Georgia Tech.

Andrew Fitz-Gibbon,Instructor, SC Education.

Dr. Shannon Steinfadt, Los Alamos National Labs.



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