Intel® IPP sample code

There are 3 types of Intel® IPP sample code that are available for developers to learn how to use the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives. Each type is designed to demonstrate how to build software with Intel IPP functions. Each link in the table below contains information on downloading the sample files.



Application-level Samples

These sample code illustrate how to build a wide variety of applications such as:

•   Audio/Video/Image/Speech encoding/decoding (H.264, MPEG-4, MP3, JPEG, JPEG2000, G.729, more)

•   Data Compression libraries to suport zlib, gzip and bzip2

•   Image/Signal Processing

•   Product linkage usage models

•    Multiple programming language support (C#, C++, VB, Java, FORTRAN, Delphi, etc)

•    Cryptography usage to support OpenSSL

•    More.

Instructions on how to build the samples are described in a Readme file contained in the sample installation package.

These samples are updated via each product release with new features and bug fixes. Please find more information from Intel IPP sample page.

Source Code Files

These platform independent examples show basic techniques for using Intel IPP functions to perform operations including:

•    performance measurement

•    time-domain filtering

•    affine transformation

•    canny edge detection

and more. Each example consists of 1-3 source code files (.cpp). The complete examples are included in Intel IPP book

Code Snippets

Code snippets are very short programs which demonstrate how to call a particular Intel IPP function. Numerous code snippets are contained in the Intel IPP Manuals (.pdf) as part of the documentation text.   They can be also found at the Intel IPP Document web site.

Examples for Hot Functions

Intel IPP knowledge base includes several examples for hot Intel IPP functions:

•     Learning Media Processing Samples: 
Getting Started with Intel® IPP Unified Media Classes Sample

•    Using image border processing for filer functions

Processing an Image from Edge to Edge
•     Using image resize function:

Resize function ippiResizeSqrPixel

Note: Intel® IPP sample code is intended only as an example of how to use the APIs and to build applications in different development environments. Please submit problems with:


  • installation
  • compiling
  • linking
  • runtime errors
  • incorrect output

to either Intel IPP User Forum or Intel Premier Support.

Pour de plus amples informations sur les optimisations de compilation, consultez notre Avertissement concernant les optimisations.