Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) : What's deprecated?

Please see below for details on the deprecated functionalities in Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL).

Intel® MKL 11.0 

•  Intel® MKL 11.0 will have backward incompatibility with Intel® MKL 10.2 update 3

•  Open MP static library on Microsoft* Windows

•  GMP* Arithmetic functions

•  Intel® MKL Reference Manual will be removed from product package

•  Intel® Pentium® III Processors will no longer be supported

•  Red Hat* EL4 and PGI* Fortran 10.x support will be dropped

•  PGI* Fortran 77 support will be removed

• Disabled timing function mkl_set_cpu_frequency() to perform useful work - use mkl_get_max_cpu_frequency(), mkl_get_clocks_frequency(), and mkl_get_cpu_frequency() as described in the Intel MKL Reference Manual.

• Removed MKL_PARDISO constant- used MKL_DOMAIN_PARDISO to specify the PARDISO domain with the mkl_domain_set_num_threads() function Setting up the System PATH environment variable during installation is removed

Setting up the System PATH environment variable during installation is removed

• Replaced Support of Mac OS X* 10.6 with Mac OS X* 10.8 in Intel MKL 11.0 as part of composer xe 2013 (not standalone version of MKL 11.0)

•PGI compilers are not supported for Intel® MKL running on Mac OS X* 10.8


•The Intel MKL Reference Manual in HTML format is no longer available with the product (see the KB Article)

•Man pages and Eclipse help integration are no longer provided

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