Final ranking ( EDIT : Solutions links added ) + ( EDIT : Late contest results)  

Here we are, we finally have the results.
First, the technical explanations on how we made the benchmarks, explained by our software engineer who did it !
UPDATE : just click on the team name to get to their solutions.

1. I run a very short file with 500*300 random numbers.
The solutions running too slowly to run a large file are put on the side.
The solutions not building (example : files in a subfolder instead of root ?) are put on the side.
The solutions not running (example : "run" not executable ?) are put on the side.

2. I ran a simple file with 500*18000 random numbers.

3. First on 10 threads on a lightly loaded machine.
Three runs, only the best one kept as reference.

4. Then on 40 cores, but with 2 cores loaded
(to simulate an unexpected kernel or IO activity)
Three runs, only the best one kept as reference.

The 40 core run is the most important criteria
for the final note.

Documentation and build system is also considered for the technical note."

We also added the social part, plus the readme part, and everything added gives us the final rating.

  • Some of you made very good codes, but which didn't run on the MTL automatically. As we know people had trouble to connect to the MTL to test their codes, we decided to allow special prizes to people who made these good submissions. You will see the name of these winners in the 2nd table.
  • One prize per team member
  • The notebook winners will be asked to put their code and readme in a blog post on, in order to share their method with the community. (Everything will be explained by e-mail.)
  • If you do not appear in the list, feel free to contact to know your exact position.
  • As you can see, we have more prizes than announced, this is a little surprise from us :).
  • For all the people who did not have the time to participate or who had some trouble with the submission, we still accept the codes for our "late contest" which will run until december. We will also have nice prizes.
  • We have 30 netbooks with French Keyboards, so the teams specified below will have to choose between Intel 80gb SSD or Asus Eee PC 1015 Dual core Netbook. ( The first teams wil have the choice)
  • Every winner will have to send an email to with his full adress, University, and his shirt size(S/M/L or XL)  in order to get the prize. (it will only be used to send the prize, we do not keep these adresses.)
  • If a teacher helped you during the contest, please provide us his name and address in order to send  his/her prize.
You also can participate in the survey, to share your experience about the contest with us.
If you see any errors in your name/team, please contact us at, it will be corrected ASAP.
The rankings will be updated with your school/country when we will have them.

Ranking Points code> Social + readme TOTAL Prize Team User User 2
1 125 35 160 Notebook INSA4INFO candreolli arthur.temple
2 113 30 143 Notebook ParaLOL Dept. dragos250 andzanfir
3 103 40 143 Notebook ph0b+r0ly ph0b r0ly
4 106 25 131 Notebook UPB321 spoii catalin.fratila
5 94 35 129 Notebook Prenadici pedja245 neshone
6 99,5 25 124,5 Notebook Team Roue Arrière YodasBrain krahnack
7 84 40 124 SSD or Netbook Chronoss sinaelgl florin.d
8 102 20 122 SSD or Netbook bIRC jsh- marko.turk
9 78,5 35 113,5 SSD or Netbook Évolutek megra nebryum
10 86 25 111 SSD or Netbook WHC lupescu mihaio07
11 91 20 111 SSD or Netbook Hickery blasterz calin.iorgulescu
12 81,5 20 101,5 SSD or Netbook CUFE_Team mah.nabil maykelnawar
13 80 20 100 SSD or Netbook Action Force vakninyogev ghefetz
14 79,5 20 99,5 SSD or Netbook Scanf berkayinan semihserhatk
15 73 20 93 SSD or Netbook paramathics petarfelixx nadzaga
16 72,5 20 92,5 SSD or Netbook PEX ehabalamy meltager
17 66 20 86 SSD or Netbook Parallel Precision khaled.cmps georges-hatem
18 68,5 15 83,5 SSD or Netbook Panthera leo xjm sidyous
19 49,5 30 79,5 SSD or Netbook 2Cores shakal187 mica_comi
20 56 20 76 SSD or Netbook MO mohamed.sherief ahmed_onsy
21 63,5 10 73,5 SSD or Netbook UnitBv Team. ap.neagu a.ceanga
22 61 10 71 SSD or Netbook Anti FMB semteu basile_master
23 50,5 20 70,5 SSD or Netbook Les cactus farcellier rimaxime
24 57 10 67 SSD or Netbook qwerty gribozavr ftynse
25 54,5 10 64,5 SSD or Netbook AK^2 blackhc ak90
26 43,5 20 63,5 SSD or Netbook Paralismin rlapostolle fastruc
27 45 15 60 SSD or Netbook Schnarch yaourt tanktoo
28 37,5 15 52,5 SSD TheTwoEngineers yaraarafa NadaElshafie
29 38 10 48 SSD flesti flesti
30 33,5 10 43,5 SSD S&L Polinichon pierrick.brunet.tb
31 33 10 43 SSD Aces ajol akul
32 29 10 39 SSD mortal team aifayed
33 28,5 10 38,5 SSD echse85
34 24,5 10 34,5 SSD Angry Accelerating Birds andrei.minca bivascu

Ranking from Jury's appreciation

Application not running automatically but interesting code.

Prize Team Member 1 Member 2
SSD Deus mihira jeff06
SSD BurningBrains team dloghin danbanica
SSD ZPote. buffer tibar
SSD ND doaarafat nellyreda
SSD WhiteTeam Nesreen_Reda Alaa.Abdelrahman
SSD flod goungy
SSD Parallel ZM minazakiz moheb.ragheb

Late contest

Here are the results of the late contest.
The person who are not in this list can contact me for further information.

Ranking Points Prize Team User User 2
1 130 SSD 007 cacajean quentin.galvane
2 128 SSD Deus jeff06 mihira
3 95 SSD TRY
4 75 SSD Caciocavallo Ninjas yehonatc IM1985
5 52 SSD 2D dina.ashraf.sayed Dina_Elreedy
6 45 SSD cmp2012 do3aa Zeinab.Elsharawy
7 29 a Chick & a Chicken xstars hafezcmp
8 20 pprogrammers m_a_t fawzy2009
9 14 ahmed.abusalim.89
10 12 Inception ehab.gamal.saleh zainhamed

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