The first TV with Instant message born in China

Tencent today announced with TCL industrial research institute in Shenzhen iTQQ TV' the first TV with interactive intelligence born in China. It is said that this product marks a new generation TV set with multiple functions, which costs 30 engineers of both companies one year to develop. Unlike traditional TV sets, this new iTQQ TV not only can play TV programs, but also can provide interactive services for end users such as online game, photo album, e-cards and instant messagers. Meanwhile, the brand new TV model makes playing poker online while watching TV possible.

Tencent's IM service adds great value to this TV model in many different ways, according to Tencent Shenzhen R&D center general manager Li Jiancheng. For example, aged people can now inquire the working status of their children through the device even with no former internet experiences. Furthermore, remote controller can be used to communicate with the children to know whether and when they will come home for dinner. Besides, with such an innovative TV set at hand with QQ IM functions, the end users may share their favorite TV program with friends instantly. It is iTQQ TV that not only proves a new way of internet value-add services, but also leads to more and more creative usage models. Engineers from Tencent also demonstrated how to upload digital photos and make new years' e-cards for online QQ users while watching TV, and they did all of these operations using one single remote controller. Unlike traditional TV users need TV controller and set-top-box controller at the same time to switch between two screen, iTQQ TV users have seamless entertaining experiences with both TV program and internet value-add service . very impressed !

TCL industrial research institute principal Yan Xiaolin told , given the experiences of iTQQ TV in interactive TV field, TCL not only broadened its product line, brought new user experiences for flat panel TV market, and increased its core competencys in the market, but also paved the path for new business model investigation and demonstrated its strength in creation. He also mentioned MII (Ministry of Information Industry ) of China has plans to consolidate suggestions of several large players and deliver an industrial standard for Networked TV's tailored for Chinese local market, in order to raise industry competency. The iTQQ TV is also a good attempt in role modeling new creative usage models in Networked TV market development, according to Xiaolin.

Got to know that the new TV model was currently being tested inside TCL, and would be available in the market in the near future.

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