GCDC’08: read about „Intel Threading Building Blocks“

One of the most discussed topics at Games Convention Developers Conference 2008 will be „multi-threaded coding“. Leigh Davies will talk about it, and Jerome Muffat-Méridol as well: Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB) is one of key solutions if you want to turn your single-threaded gaming app into a multi-threaded gaming experience.

And there are several ways to learn more about TBB: Either you visit one of the helpful Intel web resources or you come to Jerome‘s tech session at GCDC’08. Or you go into the next book store (or at amazon.com) and buy the 300 pages heavy book of James Reinders „Intel Threading Building Blocks“ (O‘Reilly, 34,99 US$).

First thing you should know about this book: it has been written for both experienced and un-experienced parallel programmers. And no prior understanding of threading is required neither.

In twelve chapters James ist talking about Threading Building Blocks:

(1) Why threading is important and necessary.

(2) Why do you have to think parallel.

(3) Which basic algorithms do you have to use if you want to create multi-threaded code.

(4) What advanced algorithms are available.

(5) What are containers and what they are used for.

(6) How do you implement scalable memory allocation and what limitations you are been confronted with.

(7) When do you should use mutual exclusions.

(8) What do have to know about timings.

(9) Why the task scheduler is much better than raw native threads and how it works.

(10) What are the real keys of successful multi-threaded code.

(11) Which are good examples if you want to learn more about Intel Threading Building Blocks.

(12) What are the related projects that inspired Intel and led to the design and implementation of Threading Building Blocks.

Beside the theoretical parts of this book you will find a lot of useful examples which you can use for your own projects, as James Reinders is mentioning. So learn how to allocate memory properly, how to setup a packet processing pipeline or how to multi-thread your own gaming project.

Or, visit Intel at GCDC’08 from 18 to 20 August and learn from their experts.
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