FREE 30-day trial of GoToMyPC now available on Intel Business Exchange

Whenever there's a new and noteworthy solution that lands on Intel Business Exchange I figured you should know, especially when there's a good deal attached. I'm pleased to announce that we're now offering Citrix's GoToMyPC on Intel Business Exchange which includes a free 30-day trial. GoToMyPC offers fast, easy and secure remote access to a user's PC from any Web browser and can be purchased via monthly subscription or annual contract depending on need. 

You may have noticed that with the world getting more and more mobile, SaaS applications have gained in popularity, and there are indicators that this is only the beginning.  The Services offerings on IBX continue to grow, as one example, plus there's increased buzz about the cloud with each passing day. If you're an applications developer, does this change the way you approach software development?
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