Presentations at IDF about Software Tools, available for download

Today, at Intel's Developer Forum, we have taught many classes on our tools, and have a few left to go.

If you could not join us in San Francisco, the presentations are available online for downloading at

My talks, including one today with Steve Teixeira of Microsoft, can be found searching for LAST NAME of "Reinders." Today's class was a lot of fun - it was fun to share the good work we are doing together, and Steve introduced me to the concept of "clinging to curly braces" in the course of an engaging Q&A.

Presentations on Intel Software Development Products that are available online (after the presentations are done):
SFTS002 – “Go-Parallelism! Intel® Parallel Studio Eases the Onramp for C++ Windows* Development"

SFTS003 – “Intel® Concurrent Collections – Parallelization of C++ Programs”

SFTS004 – “Design for Forward-Scaling with Intel® Threading Building Blocks

GSPS007 – “Taking Parallel Computing Mainstream with Microsoft Visual Studio

SFTS005 – “The Future of Parallel Programming with Intel® Parallel Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio

SFTS006 – “Simplifying Data Parallel Applications for your Manycore Future” (Ct Technology)

SFTS007 – “Intel® Parallel Advisor Lite: The Easy Way to Introduce Threading”

SFTS010 – “Money Tree – Optimizing FSI Benchmarks with Intel® Software Tools for Multicore & Manycore”

All will be posted by September 25, 2009 (they are posted after the talks are completed).
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