Please join me at GDC for my lecture on “PC Gaming’s Global Value Propositions”

Hello Everyone –

I’ll be presenting my session topic “PC Gaming’s Global Value Propositions” on Friday March 4th from 2-2:25pm. Location: Room 3002, West Hall 3rd Fl. Would be fantastic if all my PC Gaming supporters are able to show up for this! I’m very excited about this presentation.

In more detail:

Title: PC Gaming’s Global Value Propositions

Session Description:
This session will be an overview of key findings and trends occurring in the PC Gaming Ecosystem as largely prescribed by the PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA). The focus is to expose current and future opportunities in this space and discuss and explore the options available that can potentially maximize revenue. There are three key areas that will be covered: 1) Understanding the global scale and scope of PC Gaming, 2) Current and future trends occurring in Gaming over the next 3 to 5 years, and lastly 3) What game design methodologies are most likely to increase your chances for success.

Attendee Takeaway:
Attendees will better understand the latest total available market (TAM), and install base (IB) projections in the PC Gaming Ecosystem. This session will also cover the latest trends taking place in game design most likely to assist in maximizing revenue.

Intended Audience:
This session is primarily targeted at: Game Designers, Business Development Managers, and Key Decision makers.

A list of the business tracks can be found here:

I look forward to seeing you all there!
Best regards,
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