Visualize this! with Blizzard @GDC 2011

Welcome to Visualize this! the show where we talk about game development. This is one of the interviews I recorded at GDC San Francisco this year.

My guest is Frank Pearce, EVP Product Development at Blizzard.

Download Link - High Quality MP4 Video File (Large)

Questions :
Tell us about your role and how it has evolved over your years with Blizzard.
2. Blizzard recently released an expansion pack Cataclysm, what are the new features?
3. You have made a lot of changes that focuses on getting new players attracted quickly and also include social aspects into the game. How did you balance this with the need for hardcore gamers?
4. I noticed how good this game looks. What are the new graphics effects in the game? (water, vertex shading, ..)
5. What is your plan with Wow series, is it to keep making expansions? If so, are there any technology challenges that might limit what you want to do?
6. Everyone is excited about the Diablo III launch this year. What can you tell us about how that game is coming along? What new features can players expect?
7. Casual gaming on gaming on mobile form factors is exploding. What is Blizzard's plan to be part of this expanding market?
8. Is there anything you can tell us about other games in development?

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